Plaid Blocks

I made blocks like this for the charity project back in February (when we could still go out). I having been wanting to make a quilt for my cousin and decided that this was the block to use. Once the pieces are cut, the block goes together really fast. Even with all the cutting, I made 7 blocks over the weekend.

I am not sure how many I am going to make. I don’t have a design wall to fill up at the moment. I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants when I make them in terms of choosing fabrics, but I’ll make a bunch of them and see where I am. In thinking about the size, I have a 6×6 grid in my mind. The blocks are 12 inches finished, which would make a quilt 72×72 inches. That is slightly larger than the last Windmill I made and would be a fine size. I’d like to have at least three quilts to take to Colleen when S-i-P is over. More if practical or possible.

The plaids I used have been languishing for a long time. I think they have been around since before the FOTY project started. I think that is the case because some of the fabrics had no cuts out of them. Some of the pieces were just FQs, so there won’t be much of them. I think this will be lively group of blocks.

I keep thinking of men’s plaid shirts when I look at these fabrics. I am thinking of a name like The Ghost of Plaid Shirts or Thinking of Plaid Shirts. I have to think up something clever.