Plaid Blocks

I made blocks like this for the charity project back in February (when we could still go out). I having been wanting to make a quilt for my cousin and decided that this was the block to use. Once the pieces are cut, the block goes together really fast. Even with all the cutting, I made 7 blocks over the weekend.

I am not sure how many I am going to make. I don’t have a design wall to fill up at the moment. I am kind of flying by the seat of my pants when I make them in terms of choosing fabrics, but I’ll make a bunch of them and see where I am. In thinking about the size, I have a 6×6 grid in my mind. The blocks are 12 inches finished, which would make a quilt 72×72 inches. That is slightly larger than the last Windmill I made and would be a fine size. I’d like to have at least three quilts to take to Colleen when S-i-P is over. More if practical or possible.

The plaids I used have been languishing for a long time. I think they have been around since before the FOTY project started. I think that is the case because some of the fabrics had no cuts out of them. Some of the pieces were just FQs, so there won’t be much of them. I think this will be lively group of blocks.

I keep thinking of men’s plaid shirts when I look at these fabrics. I am thinking of a name like The Ghost of Plaid Shirts or Thinking of Plaid Shirts. I have to think up something clever.

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6 thoughts on “Plaid Blocks”

    1. Yes. I wish I knew the name of this pattern. I think the Mavs called it MavSwamp, right? Do you know where it started? Do you know the original name? I wanted something relatively easy as my cousin has lost two quilts already. I still want to make him one despite his bad track record. I didn’t want a block with 60 pieces, though. There are limits.

      1. I believe it is called Block Party. From many moons ago. I like it cuz it’s easy and no matching corners. The Swamps was the name we gave the thread about any swaps, as Jill didn’t like cluttering up the Mav’s page with those.

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