15 Years of Artquiltmaker Blog

Today is my 15 year Blogiversary. 15 YEARS!!!I’d love to have a party, but since we are sheltering in place, it will have to be virtual.

5 years ago I wrote my 10 year anniversary post and can’t believe another 5 years have elapsed. I guess I blinked.

Have you been with me the whole time?

I started Artquiltmaker Blog because I had hit a big milestone and I wanted to start something new and send my life in a new direction and practice writing. My first post was not stellar. I remember being distinctly uncomfortable and not knowing what to write. I got better though and even later in May 2005, I was posting real content. Short, not every day, but real content. Now I just blather on at ease and start to get twitchy if I don’t write regularly.

At the end of 2008 I moved the blog over to WordPress.

In 2008 and 2009, I started trying to post every day. It took some time to work up to that schedule. I still try to post every day and mostly succeed, though sometimes I forget, get busy or have nothing to talk about.

This forum has really helped me to move forward in my work. Writing this blog has forced me to make lists of projects and stick to working on those projects. I have enjoyed seeing comments from people, getting to see the work of different quiltmakers via Instagram and Twitter and even meeting a few in person.

I really enjoyed looking through the photos to pick the ones I wanted to add to the gallery when I wrote my 10 year post. I decided to look through the last 5 years worth of photos and pick some of that work for you to review.

To see all of my work, check out the Year in Review tag.

Thanks for reading and commenting for 15 YEARS!!!