Pink Door Parade

Pink Door order - Dec 2021
Pink Door order – Dec 2021

Pink Door was having a sale. I took the opportunity to pick up a few things I needed for my La Pass project, few gifts and some things I had been eyeing for awhile.

The idea was that you place your order and they hold it until the sale is over then send it. That meant that I received a giant box of quilt gifts right before Christmas. Some of the items were gifts. I’ll have to save a couple, because the box didn’t arrive in time. It is okay, because I forgot that I bought them for the recipients!

Marti Michell Magic Mirror
Marti Michell Magic Mirror

One of the things I bought, which was not on my mind, was the Marti Michell Magic Mirror**. Total impulse buy, but I think I can use it when I am selecting fabric for fussy cutting for my La Pass project. I could have really used this when I made the Peacock. It is a recommended tool for One Block Wonder quilts.

I also bought more glue pens – not the refills, but the actual pens. I have one, but wanted one for my travel bag and one on my cutting table as well. I got a lot of refills with the pens, so I am in good shape there.

Pink Door purchase
Pink Door purchase

I am excited about also excited about the long handbag zippers that were on sale. I am sure I can use them  for future bags. I got some mesh that will go with the fabrics I use for Mom’s bags.

As you can see I also got some fabric and some Tula Project pouches.  It was fun to be able to shop for what I wanted for once.













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