La Pass M3 Progress

M3 - 3 Rosettes (La Pass)
M3 – 3 Rosettes (La Pass)

My idea was to finish months as they come, then go back to M3 to finish those rosettes. I am happy to say I am making progress. Not finished, but making progress.

I am working on the last rosette. Somehow I forgot that I had waited to baste fabric for some of M3 pieces until I was downstairs piecing away and started to run into the lack of pieces problem. I know I waited because I wasn’t sure when I would get to M3 and didn’t want the glue to fail.

I don’t want to use the hat fabric that came with the BOM. I need to find some fabric and baste those 60 degree diamonds before I can make much more progress.

La Pass triangle fabric
La Pass triangle fabric

I am thinking of using the Carrie Bloomston fabric with the pink triangles again. It will create some continuity with other pieces and is far enough away from the M5 piece where I used it to not look bad. Even though most of the fabrics for these rosettes are in the lavender range, I think it could work. I could also use the zebras I cut and didn’t use, or more Dripping Roses. I think I need to look through my fabrics and decide. I bought a Marti Michell Magic Mirror**, as mentioned yesterday, that I will try.










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