La Pass M7 Basting

I like cutting projects out at Sew Day and really struggled with whether I wanted to cut out a new bag or if I wanted to work on La Pass’ basting.

La Pass M7 basted
La Pass M7 basted

I ended up cutting and basting the rest of my La Pass M7 pieces during Sew Day. I had cut enough during a couple of work meetings on Monday to sew a bit in the evenings, but I really needed to finish the rest. Since I didn’t have any more of those types of meetings later in the week, I decided to do it at Sew Day.

I am glad I did. I am getting the first of the month 7 rosettes done, which is good.

As an aside, I put my A Place for Everything bag to use, as intended, and it was admired by a few people, which made me feel really good.