Superhero Apron

Superhero Apron in process
Superhero Apron in process

ColorPlay and the Creative Spark will return soon!

I finally cut out the apron I had in mind for one of my nieces. Not great progress, but a start. The pattern is an old Simplicity pattern. I think I bought it for a sewing class I took after I graduated from college. I noticed the price of the pattern was $3.95, so it had to be a few years ago. 😉

I making a few modifications, but have consulted with Mary about most of them, so I feel pretty confident.

I haven’t done the yellow or the lacing yet, which will accent below the neck. I was inspired by a dress I saw at Bay Quilts. I will get that part together soon.

Superhero apron pockets
Superhero apron pockets

I also made pockets. These are a little different than those called for by the pattern. I measured my phone and made pockets from a combination of the size of my phone and the pattern on the fabric.

I have to be happy with the small amount of progress.

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