QA Contest a Bust for Lack of Planning

Today was my day to get the contest quilt done. I was struck with a brillant idea during my vacation before the New Year, but had technical difficulties and then got busy. I finally worked out almost all of my technical glitches with thanks to Deirdre, DebR and Margi and began printing the various parts today. On a whim, I decided to look at the deadline again. I found that the March 12, which had been lodged firmly in my mind, was completely wrong. The deadline was actually March 1. Bleah! At least I didn’t make the whole thing only to only to have it returned to me.

I still like the idea and will put the project on my WIP list. Here is what I did accomplish:

I created a bunch of images and words on my computer then printed them on Inkjet Printing fabric sheets. I needed an eye, so I tried to trace one of Pamela Allen‘s eyes from my Self Portrait project, but it didn’t work. You can see my attempts in the upper right hand corner. The fabric from the printer sheet was too thick and I couldn’t really see through well enough for the eye to look good. A stroke of genius hit me and I copied the eyes, which were already sewed down to my Portrait Project, so I hotocopied them on to a piece of paper and cut them out. Then I ran one of the fabric sheets through the printer again.

This is the background.

On the positive side, I won’t feel the tyranny of having to finish a project this weekend. I will also be able to work on the backs of Thoughts on Dots and the Nosegay.

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