Reorganization of Strip Project – Housecleaning

You may remember the post from February 18 where I talked about the perils of strip piecing. My librarian side took over this weekend and I created a new system for organizing and using my strips for the pineapple project.

The above shows my neatly organized strips. I have divided them into color piles, as you can see. The idea is that I will start from the left and select one strip/fabric for each color I need in the pineapple block. When I am done with that color, I will put the strip on the bottom. I will move across the range of piles selecting one from each pile until I need to start from the left again. For the backgrounds, I will just take 4 at a time and put them on the bottom when I am done. We’ll see how it works.

My other challenge today was in the fabric closet.

I came home after a meeting to a fabric avalanche. It is not quite all picked up, but will be soon. I wonder if the fabric goddess is telling me something.

Google/Blogger notified me that I am using 65 MB of my 1024 MB. I guess I will have to include fewer photos, make them smaller or find somewhere else to store photos. The latter is ideal as I think all 7 of my faithful readers enjoy the photos.