Not Enough Colors

Need More Colors.
I was thinking tonight as I stared at my Pineapple and Cross Block (Flowering Snowball) projects that there are just not enough colors in the rainbow. Each time I add a strip to the Pineapple, it seems like I have just added that color. Granted, the blues are different and they have bigger dots or little splotches, but sometimes I just think I need more colors. Not sure what those colors would be, but I do think I need more.

Life is Good
Despite my back hurting and feeling a bit unwell and trying all day not to tell off a bigwig at work for being self-centered and oblivious, Life Is Good.


Because of quiltmaking. I was able to indulge almost all day in some kind of quiltmaking activity. I listened to Alex Anderson’s Quilt Connection podcasts. While she is a little big giggly and squealy, once she gets into the groove, I really enjoy the info she provides. I listened, again, to a couple of podcasts, which sent me to Paula Nadelstern’s site and also to Jinny Beyer’s site. I also looked at Valori Wells site and found that she has a blog.

Paula Nadelstern’s kaleidoscopic quilts are amazing. I love her work. After listening to the podcast, I went to the library’s site and reserved her book, Puzzle Quilts. It is still available on her website, but I want to look at it before I buy it.

Jinny Beyer puts up a new block every week. I haven’t found one that I really want to make yet, but in terms of inspiration she is the go-to-girl. I have to admit that I don’t go there every week and look at the new block. I was also reminded that I need to look at her handpiecing book and find out what she uses to mark around her templates.

I don’t think I have used any of Valori Wells’ fabrics, but she is a good speaker and inspirational. After listening to her interview, I wanted to go home and find all of my large scale prints, download VW’s patterns and make a large scale print quilt! It is so thrilling to be able to listen to something about quilting, look at a website and then come home and look at the book and sew.

When I came home the Collaborative Quilting book by Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran was calling to me -(read my post about it). Alex also interviewed Gwen and I was reminded how much G.M. is inpired by old patterns. She and Alex made the point that we are where we are today because of the ladies that came before us. They also talked about giving credit and it occurred to me that if you give credit, people will come to you because you have a link to your inspiration or because they know they will find the information from you.

I know some of you only come for the photos, so here is the Cross Block (Flowering Snowball) that I finished on Mother’s Day.