Birch Bundles Ideas

I trolled the web for some ideas for the Birch Bundles that I talked about yesterday. All of the photos are linked to their original locations.

Green Couch Designs has a great pattern/idea that I might be able to use:

Here is a detail:

It is simple, but effective. I am not sure if the fabrics from the pink and purple bundle will show up well enough in this design, because of the size of the pieces.

I also like this one from Cherry House:

The thing I like about the above pattern is the black strip (I would use something different depending on the color scheme), but it anchors all the blocks together. I am not sure the effect would be the same with different fabrics used for the blocks. Part of the effectiveness of this quilt is the solid colors. This is from the City Quilts book, which is making me consider buying it….very soon.

Samelia’s Mum has a very cheerful blog. I like the lower right hand corner of the quilt on a recent post.

I think I really like the top quilt, but would make it with slightly larger rectangles. What do you think?