Zig Zaggy Top Done?

Zig Zaggy Top Minus Border
Zig Zaggy Top Minus Border

This project was, in some respects, all about the fabric and using a whole line of fabric. However, it became more about the piecing as I worked through the rows. It was a pleasant challenge to cut, press, sew, press, trim sew and press. I was able to use the bias to put the rows together so the colors would match. I think it looks nice.

I kept the bias and the softness of the Moda Jelly Roll strips under control with Mary Ellen’s Best Press.

You cannot see the edges because I had to take the picture at an angle. I even stood on my desk and wasn’t tall enough to snap the top straight on.

I want you to see the edges, because I want your opinion on what I should do for the borders.

First, I am only applying a border to two sides. The other two sides have a slightly angular edge and I want to keep that as a design element.

Second, I am not much into chopping off edges, even if that is the piecing pattern. I prefer self bordering my quilts, which finishes out the design from the middle. This is a different kind of quilt, which makes me think self bordering isn’t possible here.

Third, if self bordering is possible, I don’t know that I have the patience.

Fourth, the spiky border, a la Gwen Marston, seems to too spiky for this piece.

Zig Zaggy Edges
Zig Zaggy Edges

In the second photo, you can see the two edges, where the color ends abruptly, that I will border. My first thought is to sew some strips of Kona Snow on them and then add soem color somehow. Fan like elements, perhaps?