Frosted Stars Top

Finished Frosted Stars Top
Finished Frosted Stars Top

This weekend was kind of a sewing bonanza. I think I spent about 10 hours at the machine on Saturday, and another 6 or so on Sunday sewing like a crazed woman. The result is two backs and a top, a journal cover, a repaired bag and parts of the Frosted Stars Leftovers quilt. The Frosted Stars top is above. I changed some of Charlie Scott’s pattern, as I have mentioned.

Frosted Stars Top without Final Border
Frosted Stars Top without Final Border

The quilt top, without the final turquoise border is all on the bias and I just don’t believe in giving a quilt to a quilter with a bias edge border. Yes, I am going to send this out to be quilted. I just want this quilt to stay relatively square and adding another border was required. I don’t know why a pattern designer would finish off a quilt with a bias border. Perhaps it is some complicated part of a learning experience of which I am unaware.

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7 thoughts on “Frosted Stars Top”

  1. The designer! You are a better pre-planner and would NEVER run short of the right fabrics. πŸ™‚

    (but seriously, yes, I was referring to the pattern maker/designer….maybe she ran out of the border fabric, so she just left it off)

    I cannot imagine the struggle to finish off a quilt with all those strips meeting at the edge of the quilt and then binding with no border to help keep all those seams in check and behaving!!!

  2. You can stitch around the edge of the quilt about 1/8″ from the edge to help stabilize the bias edge. I think it is called “stay stitching.” I have even seen someone stitch skinny ribbon along the edge, cut to the exact length of each side of the quilt to stabilize the bias edge. It gets covered by the binding, but why go to all that trouble when you could just add another border! I agree with you, bias edges on the outside of a quilt is just asking for trouble!

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