Grama Gift

Grama Jane Market Tote
Grama Jane Market Tote

Mom came over the other day and told me that she had bought Grama her birthday gift. I got into a little panic, not realizing that her birthday was a still a month away. When I got my knickers out of the twist, Mom told me that she had a seen a perfect gift and bought it. Grama liked the Grab Bag I made her, so I decided to make her a Jane Market Tote.

I am embroiled in Jane Market totes for Christmas gifts and I need all the practice I can get. These are fairly straightforward bags to make, yet I seem to always screw something up.

Mom helped me pick the fabric. I wouldn’t have picked this, but Mom said she would like it. I found the stripe for the front panels that goes well with the cake fabric. This one went together very well and spurred me on to work on the other bags I had already cut, but not sewn.

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