Modern Quilts Illustrated Review

Modern Quilts Illustrated
Modern Quilts Illustrated

Just so you know:  I borrowed the image from the FunQuilts/Modern Quilt Studio site. All the pertinent details about the magazine are here.

When I first heard about the magazine, I thought it was a great idea. I love Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle’s work and thought that more of them more frequently would be awesome. Then I saw the price (retail price $14 or they will mail you an issue for $15) and that no pattern magazine would be worth the price.

TFQ bought the issue and kindly loaned it to me to peruse. Now I am on the fence rather than being completely negative just because of the price.

First, there is no advertising. I sometimes enjoy seeing ads, but going through ad after ad to find a snippet of content gets old.

As in their books, the patterns aren’t just patterns. Bill and Weeks give alternate color options, which I think encourages people to think outside the color box. They also offer kits, but tell what exact fabrics they used (with manufacturer and stock number) so you can assemble the fabrics yourself. The blurb about each quilt points out areas to which the maker should pay attention such as “Regardless of the colors you choose, maintaining contrast between the field fabric and the ‘stacks’ is essential. Be sure to make a sample block if you’re unsure if there’s enough contrast.” (pg.4)

The patterns are also interesting to read if a person has no plans to make the quilt. The layout is fun as well.

Palette Chasing is an interesting feature. In it they take a photo and create a palette of fabrics from it. In the inaugural issue, they used a photo from the Library of Congress and used solids. I have seen this activity on blogs and on Pinterest and think it would be a good exercise for anyone who wants to learn about choosing fabrics for a quilt.

I also learned something from the section on Plush Fleece backings. I think that I wouldn’t shy away from trying such a backing.

There are definitely aspects of the magazine that would be worthwhile keeping around for future reference.

I have picked up the issue repeatedly to look through a section again, which is a good sign. I am still on the fence, but we will see when issue 2 comes out.

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  1. The magazine is only $10 if you buy a year’s subscription. Does that push you off the fence?

    I often use fleece as the backing for quilts… especially the ones for my grands.

    easy to use doesnt shift


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