Creative Prompt #150: Quatrefoil

Definition: The word quatrefoil etymologically means “four leaves”, and applies to general four-lobed shapes in various contexts. In heraldic terminology, a quatrefoil is a representation of a flower with four petals, or a leaf with four leaflets (such as a four-leaf clover). It is sometimes shown “slipped”, i.e. with an attached stalk. However, it is not defined as a flower, but called a “foil”. In the U.S. Marine Corps, quatrefoil refers to a four-pointed decoration on the top of a warrant or commissioned Marine officer’s dress and service caps (see peaked caps, also known in the Marines as “barracks covers”). According to tradition, the design was first used with Marine officers on sailing ships so that Marine sharpshooters in the rigging did not shoot their own officers on the deck during close-quarters gun battles (as when crews of opposing ships attempted to board each other’s ship).

Quatrefoil Library in the Twin Cities


Phi Mu’s symbol is their sacred four-point quatrefoil. It is a unique shape and can be traced back to early European design. Phi Mus love to spot the popular shape in everyday use. Many wonder what the quatrefoil’s importance is to the fraternity but only a Phi Mu sister will know.

The quatrefoil is an ancient symbol of good luck, a Celtic symbol representing “the wheel of being,”

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