Creative Prompt #148: Tea

iced tea

Tea Party

tea service

tea time

Boston Tea Party

tea chest

herbal tea

silver tea service

tea and crumpets

Imperial Tea Court

tea ceremony

ritual of tea

Lovejoy’s Tea Room, San Francisco


Republic of Tea

Definition: Tea is an aromatic beverage prepared by adding cured leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant to hot water. The term also refers to the plant itself.

After water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world.[2] It has a cooling, slightly bitter, astringent flavour which many people enjoy.[3]

The phrase herbal tea usually refers to infusions of fruit or herbs made without the tea plant, such as rosehip tea or chamomile tea. Alternative phrases for this are tisane or herbal infusion, both bearing an implied contrast with “tea” as it is construed here.

tea garden



loose tea

tea bag


tea plantation

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