Sketching #163

CPP Response #163: Bridge
CPP Response #163: Bridge

I saw a bridge like this loom up in front of the rental car I was driving. It was in Massachusetts and a friend and I were leaving Boston to attend a meeting.

In my drawing the supports of the bridge are foreshortened a bit more than the real things, but, hopefully, you have seen a bridge like this and know what I am getting at.

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Creative Prompt #164: Sparkle

Sparkle (movie)

Sparkle Plenty, a character in the Dick Tracy comic strip

sparkling water


Definition: 1. To give off or reflect flashes of light; glitter. 2. To be brilliant in performance. 3. A small spark or gleaming particle. 4. A glittering quality. 5. Brilliant animation; vivacity. 4. Emission of gas bubbles; effervescence.

sparkle in his eye

sparkling conversation

Sparkle Punch quilt by Elizabeth Hartman

Sparkle game

type of catamaran


Sparkle, California, in Contra Costa County

Sparkles From The Wheel

WHERE the city’s ceaseless crowd moves on, the live-long day,
Withdrawn, I join a group of children watching–I pause aside with
them.By the curb, toward the edge of the flagging,
A knife-grinder works at his wheel, sharpening a great knife;
Bending over, he carefully holds it to the stone–by foot and knee,
With measur’d tread, he turns rapidly–As he presses with light but
firm hand,
Forth issue, then, in copious golden jets,
Sparkles from the wheel.The scene, and all its belongings–how they seize and affect me!
The sad, sharp-chinn’d old man, with worn clothes, and broad
shoulder-band of leather; 10
Myself, effusing and fluid–a phantom curiously floating–now here
absorb’d and arrested;The group, (an unminded point, set in a vast surrounding;)
The attentive, quiet children–the loud, proud, restive base of the
The low, hoarse purr of the whirling stone–the light-press’d blade,
Diffusing, dropping, sideways-darting, in tiny showers of gold,
Sparkles from the wheel.

Walt Whitman

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Sketching #162

CPP Response #162
CPP Response #162

I worked really hard on this to get it to look like there was perspective. I am pretty pleased with the job I did even though I think the building on the left would fall down in real life. It did not come out as expected, but doesn’t look like a mistake either.

I was surprised to find that I drew it from a bird’s eye view rather than a street view as intended. That is ok. I can work on that in another drawing if I decide to use this location again.

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