Creative Prompt #175: Needle

eye of the needle

hypodermic needle

the batting needles well.



Space Needle, Seattle

broke a needle

needle felting

Cleopatra’s Needle, the name of three obelisks in London, Paris, and New York City

knitting needle

safe needle disposal


needle exchange programs

Needle gun

needle valve

needlenose pliers

Needle dam: A needle dam is a weir designed to maintain the level or flow of a river through the use of thin “needles” of wood. The needles are leaned against a solid frame and are not intended to be water-tight. Individual needles can be added or removed by hand to constrict the flow of the river, forming a sluice.

needle threader

Needle Bush (Vachellia farnesiana)

sewing needle

Crestone Needle, a mountain in Colorado, United States

Acupuncture needle

Needle Mountains, Colorado, United States

Gramophone needle

tattoo needle

Needle Rocks, Tasmania, Australia

Needles (Black Hills), a region of granite pillars in South Dakota, United States

Needles, California, United States

The Needles, three stacks of chalk off the Isle of Wight, England

The Needles, a district of Canyonlands National Park, Utah, United States

Sewing-Machine Needles, a group of three prominent rock needles near Rancho Point, Deception Island, Shetland Islands

The Needles, a series of granite spires in the Sequoia National Forest, California

upholstery needle

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