EPP Stars

EPP Stars Sept. 2012
EPP Stars Sept. 2012

I have made some more progress on the English Paper Piecing Project I told you about in August.

I make about one of these stars per night depending on whether I have basted the half hexagons beforehand or not.

Faye did hers with rows of light and dark stars, as I mentioned, but my plan is to use dots on white as the alternate rows. This is a long term project. It is so I have something to do in front of the television when I am out of bindings to stitch down. I don’t know if I will ever finish this quilt, but I might get sick of it and just decide to finish it once I have made thousands of the stars.

I am still kind of working out how large to cut pieces and what pieces to cut. I have decided to leave out blacks and also dark greys, though I do have a medium grey that I will leave in for the time being.