September BAMQG Meeting

Once again, BAMQG and CQFA were on the same day. I had a long week and couldn’t make both because of some unexpected tasks that fell on me. I was sorry to miss the CQFA meeting, but I am glad I was able to get in some quilty love today.

TFQ came with me again, as she is visiting, and we spent a lovely 45 minutes chatting on the way down. the meeting had just gotten started when we arrived and there were a ton of announcements. Now people are coming from other guilds to get us to be a part of their activities.

  • SFQG came to invite us to their show, which will be held in March 2013.
  • The SCVQA wants to give us a spot in their show to exhibit modern quilts.
  • Adrianne mentioned the Alden Lane Quilt Show, which will be held September 22-23 I Livermore, CA

We have such an active and fun group!


We are up to 72 or 73 finished quilts to give to charity this year. Some competitive types want to get us up to 100. I turned in the pink donation quilt this time, but didn’t get the green and pink top done yet, so that will be for next time.

Amanda asked that cat beds be filled full, rather than 3/4s full, but not overstuffed.
Show & Tell

Show and Tell was fairly amazing. Below is the list of quilts that Amanda (secretary) provided to me. I was stunned at the number of quilts and amount of work that were shown today and just had to share.

Amanda's quilt
Amanda’s quilt

1.      Amanda – 3 quilts:  Yellow & Dog/cat print coin quilt; Dark brown and blue/greens wildlife quilt; Cream and purple and muted color quilt. One of the things I like about Amanda’s quilt (right) is the cheddarish color around the edge. It isn’t as bright as cheddar, but is very effective. I think the cheddar is reacting with the browns to soften the quilt a little bit.

I also like the Chinese Coins pattern. This quilt was amazingly flat.

Deborah A's Quilt
Deborah A’s Quilt

2. Deborah A. – 3 quilts: 1) Vibrant multicolored houses on black background; 2) Kaffe Fasset quilt in pastels; 3) Vibrant batik quilt with the back of Kaffe Fasset fabrics. First of all, using the back of the Kaffe fabrics is a stroke of genius. Mostly what I thought of when I saw this quilt was that it would be a great showcase for my Philip Jacobs fabrics. The blocks are large enough to show a piece of the fabric, but the sashing and cornerstones keep it

3.      Cheryl S – 1) vibrant colored baby quilt in squares; 2) Yellow, orange and red and pink zig-zag quilt.

4.      Jen A (one of the Charity Girls) – 1)Yellow and blue Out To Sea Quilt; 2) Indie quilt in multi colors

5.      Chris C – 1) Handbag in brown and red, blue, yellow, green batiks; 2) Green and white and brown and blue/purple quilt, very modern blocks

6.      Claire F – Little bag for her daughter at college and for her roommates.

Peggy's Jelly Roll quilt
Peggy’s Jelly Roll quilt

7.      Peggy – Charity Quilt Blocks; 2) Jelly Roll Quilt – Amy Butler Fabrics and white; 3) Back of quilt (black and white); 3) Jelly Roll Race she tried on her own in rows with white borders; 4) back in green and yellow for jelly roll race; 5) Final jelly roll  quilt in strip blocks with white sashing; 6) Yellow & white & blue backing. Peggy has been quietly working through her stash. This quilt (right) is her Jelly Roll quilt. She also didn’t like the way it come out, so cut it up and set it differently. I think it looks very Hawaiian. I want to try another Jelly Roll Race quilt. Perhaps I will do it with the new Marmalade line from Bonnie and Camille? We’ll see. I am not sure I am ready to make another diamond quilt if it doesn’t look good.

8.      Heather K. – 1) 2 dolls – shy girl in blue and green, and then Zombenstein boy doll; 2) Out to Sea maps

9.      Kelly O – 1) Ice dyeing, scarf-sized, 6 pieces; 2) Cover for her tablet in Dr. Who fabric; 3) Doctor Who bag; 4) Dragonfly quilt back and front from Dan Rouse’s class

10.  Deborah A (the other Charity Girl) – Converging corners in blue and red and yellow and grey

11.  Joe – 1) Winter twister in black and white; 2)  Antique Japanese fabric and African fabrics “Patchwork Quilt” in yellows, oranges, blues and maroons; 3) 1871 (House with tree in front, all quilted, black on white).

12.  Joy-Lily – Placemats – 1) Pair of Olive Green and mint green; 2) Pair of Gingko leaf surrounding brights; 3) Pair of bright green and pink with gingko leaves

13.  Diana L – Pink & Brown roses with green leaves on white background 2) Blocks for the ABC Variable star, underground railroad, wagon tracks (Green, white and black)

14.  Lynette – 1) Charity quilt string strips (pieced, quilted and bound it!); 2) Stars in teal and red and white and grey; 3) Pinwheels in red and brown and blue and green on white background, did long arming herself; 4) Blue and purple and grey and bright green stars and hexes 5) ABC blocks Waterwheel, Xs and squares (grey, green and blue)

15.  Sara M – Joel Dewberry quilt in pinks and blues and purple

16.  Ruth B – 1) Made from patchwork squares that were her mom’s in blues and pinks and teals, 2) Quilt as old as the guild, pieces from the upholstery shop in greens, blues, yellows and browns

17.  Jaye – 1) Charity Quilt in pinks with backing in pinks; 2) Jelly roll race cut into diamond, got accepted into New Quilts of Northern California 3) ABC blocks – Rambler; xquartet; Japanese x block; variable star, wampum and underground railroad (in pinks, greens, teals and sashing

18.  Michelle – 1) Orange snowball pattern; 2) Green quilt with squares in blue and yellow 4) Placemats in  5) Blocks Union square, windblown square, xquartet, yankee puzzle (in blue and white)

19.  Colleen – Charity Quilt in tulips and butterflies – going to a group that gives quilts to kids in foster care

20.  Rhonda – two blocks Wyoming valley & X marks the spot (greys, blues and whites

21.  Kathleen – Windmill two and the X block (black and white and red)

22.  Mary – 1) Tulip charity quilt in retro fabrics 2) Oh Fransson clothesline quilt in oranges and grey; 3) Jelly Roll Race quilt in polka dots

23.  Erin – Whole Cloth challenge, hand-quilted, with several different colors of threads on taupe on one side, green on the other.

24.  Mallory – 1) Tula Pink birds and bees quilt in plus pattern 2) Zig Zag quilt with brown, pinks, white and maroons; 3) Plume quilt on white for a baby; 4)  Momo quilt on white; 5) Art Gallery picnic quilt in greys, teals, pinks and purples; 6) Plus blocks with wide mint-green expanse of solid with white circles on it