Star Sampler: 12″ Blocks

Star Sampler: 18 12" Blocks
Star Sampler: 18 12″ Blocks

All, except one, of the 12″ stars finally made it onto my portable design wall. I finally finished the back of FOTY 2012 and was able to take the pieces and parts off the design wall.

Star Sampler blocks
Star Sampler blocks

While I was waiting for space to open up, I layered the blocks one on top of the other on my smaller design wall, so I could keep track of the blocks. This is unsatisfactory as I like to see what I am working on, compare fabrics I am considering for use against what I have already used and get a sense of how many times I have used a fabric. That doesn’t work well when I have to layer the blocks.

It couldn’t be helped, though, as the blocks are large and there are a lot of them.

Also, take a look at the original Quilt-a-long instructions. You can see all the posts on this topic by searching the tag “Star Sampler.”