Creative Prompt #199: Touch

TV Series with Kiefer Sutherland

iPod Touch

touch football

touch and go for awhile


touch tone

social media mobile app

touch up her make up

Midas touch

touch screen

Adobe Photoshop Touch

one of the senses

touch of class

Please Touch Museum

touch therapy

get back in touch

Jin Shin Jyutsu (pronounced “jin shin jitsu”)


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Definition: (Merriam Webster) ransitive verb

: to bring a bodily part into contact with especially so as to perceive through the tactile sense : handle or feel gently usually with the intent to understand or appreciate <loved to touch the soft silk>
: to strike or push lightly especially with the hand or foot or an implement
: to lay hands upon (one afflicted with scrofula) with intent to heal

a : to play on (a stringed instrument)

b : to perform (a melody) by playing or singing

a : to take into the hands or mouth <never touches alcohol>

b : to put hands upon in any way or degree <don’t touch anything before the police come>; especially : to commit violence upon <swears he never touched the child>

: to deal with : become involved with <a sticky situation and I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole>
: to induce to give or lend <touched him for ten dollars>
: to cause to be briefly in contact or conjunction with something <touched her spurs to the horse> <touched his hand to his hat>
a (1) : to meet without overlapping or penetrating : adjoin (2) : to get to : reach <the speedometer needle touched 80>

b : to be tangent to

c : to rival in quality or value <nothing can touch that cloth for durability>

: to speak or tell of especially in passing <barely touched the incident in the speech>
a : to relate to : concern

b : to have an influence on : affect

a : to leave a mark or impression on <few reagents will touch gold>; also : tinge

b : to harm slightly by or as if by contact : taint, blemish <fruit touched by frost>

c : to give a delicate tint, line, or expression to <a smile touched her lips>

d : to get a hit off or score a run against <touched him for three runs>

: to draw or delineate with light strokes
a : to hurt the feelings of : wound

b : to move to sympathetic feeling

intransitive verb
a : to feel something with a body part (as the hand or foot)

b : to lay hand or finger on a person to cure disease (as scrofula)

: to be in contact
: to come close : verge <your actions touch on treason>
: to have a bearing : relate —used with on or upon
a : to make a brief or incidental stop on shore during a trip by water <touched at several ports>

b : to treat a topic in a brief or casual manner —used with on or upon <touched upon many points>

touch·able adjective
touch·er noun
touch base

: to come in contact or communication <coming in from the cold to touch base with civilization — Carla Hunt>