Modern Quilt Studio’s QuiltCon Homework #5

Quilt Con Homework #5
Quilt Con Homework #5

Weeks wrote “Think broadly. Don’t get hung up on labels; you needn’t adhere to making one type of quilt—even though we consider ourselves modern quilters, there’s something to be learned from every genre of quilting. Which types of quilting could you learn from?”

You might like bright fabrics like me, but it won’t kill me to look at a quilt made with Civil War fabrics or a quilt splashed with house paint. I like to keep an open mind when looking at quilts. I have come across quilts that I thought were hideous. Nonetheless, I looked at them and found something I could use. It might have been a spark of a color or a little block or piecing trick or some clever embellishment. By taking the time to look, I saw.

I think I can learn from all types of quilting, even those types that I wouldn’t want to do myself.





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