Creative Prompt #198: Wash

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Brain wash

Wash Tubbs comic strip

wash the dog

body wash (product)

wash day

baby wash

wash tub

fruit wash

car wash


Definition: (Merriam Webster) transitive verb


a : to cleanse by or as if by the action of liquid (as water)

b : to remove (as dirt) by rubbing or drenching with liquid
: to cleanse (fur) by licking or by rubbing with a paw moistened with saliva

a : to flush or moisten (a bodily part or injury) with a liquid

b (1) : to wet thoroughly : drench (2) : to overspread with light : suffuse
c : to pass a liquid (as water) over or through especially so as to carry off material from the surface or interior
: to flow along or dash or overflow against <waves washing the shore>
: to move, carry, or deposit by or as if by the force of water in motion <houses washed away by the flood>

a : to subject (as crushed ore) to the action of water to separate valuable material

b : to separate (particles) from a substance (as ore) by agitation with or in water
c (1) : to pass through a bath to carry off impurities or soluble components (2) : to pass (a gas or gaseous mixture) through or over a liquid to purify it especially by removing soluble components

a : to cover or daub lightly with or as if with an application of a thin liquid (as whitewash or varnish)

b : to depict or paint by a broad sweep of thin color with a brush
: to cause to swirl <washing coffee around in his cup>
: launder 3 <how the mob washes its money through corrupt bankers — Vincent Teresa>
intransitive verb
: to wash oneself or a part of one’s body
: to become worn away by the action of water
: to clean something by rubbing or dipping in water

a : to become carried along on water : drift <cakes of ice washing along>

b : to pour, sweep, or flow in a stream or current <waves of pioneers washing westward — Green Peyton>
: to serve as a cleansing agent <this soap washes thoroughly>

a : to undergo laundering <this dress doesn’t wash well>

b (1) : to undergo testing successfully : work 4 <an interesting theory, but it just won’t wash> (2) : to gain acceptance : inspire belief <the story didn’t wash with me>

wash one’s hands of

: to disclaim interest in, responsibility for, or further connection with