Quilt Shop Review

Scruffy Quilts - outside view
Scruffy Quilts – outside view

Recently a new brick and mortar store opened in a nearby town. I heard about it at a recent BAMQG meeting, but I wasn’t able to visit until last week when SIL and I escaped the family for a couple of hours. I would have really liked to visit a few stores, but this was the only one we were able to visit. It was definitely worth it.

Scruffy Quilts - inside view
The shop is filled with light and has a variety of fabrics, patterns and notions. The owner was friendly and, clearly, thrilled to see us.

Scruffy Quilts - inside view 2
Scruffy Quilts – inside view 2

I thought the inventory was a little sparse, but I know that many new businesses need time to build up their inventory – the old dance of selling allowing the owner to buy more.

Needless to say, I was able to find a few things to satisfy my desire to buy some new fabric. They have a discount on pre-cut fabric. They had a number of FQs, 1/2 yards and yards already cut. I am not sure what the discount was, but any discount is welcome.

In addition to Mettler thread, they also had a rack of Aurifil small spools.

There was a nice selection of batiks and lots of tone-on-tones. There was a little of everything, I think.

You know what else? They use Square for payment, which is awesome! I don’t like it because it is hip and cool, I like it because it is straightforward and easy to use. There is no complexity for the staff and no issues with taking credit cards, etc.

The parking was pretty easy, even on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of Winter Break. The shop is easy to find. We went past and had to do a blocky, which was a little tricky because the neighborhood surrounding the shopping area has a lot of twisty streets. We had to drive a few blocks up before we could head back down the correct street.

The owner said that they have had a web presence for a decade. I wasn’t aware of that site, so I went looking just to see more than their hours and indeed they do sell online. I think it is smart to start a business online before committing to a brick and mortar presence.