Ann Grundler Works in Progress

As you know, I am all about process. Well, I try to be all about process, but I do like finishing things.

Ann is also a member of EBHQ, but we haven’t met in person. Back in March, I posted a photo of a quilt by Ann Grundler. Kelly and I admired her quilt at the EBHQ show.

I contacted her to get her permission and we have had a few emails back and forth. Mostly, Ann has shared her work, but she reads my blog diligently, which, I guess, counts as me sharing my work as well.  😉 I have not been as good a correspondent due to other commitments. Not just Ann, but others with whom I correspond have been neglected as well.

Ann Grundler Triptych
Ann Grundler Triptych

While I was in Vancouver last week, Ann sent me a photo of a hand dyed triptych on which she is working. I am very pleased to share it here with you.

Ann writes “These are two 90” dyed panels now growing into a three panel wall hanging with skinny lines. The piecing of the center and bottom left panel is more or less completed.”

There is a real sense of dimensionality in this piece and I wonder if it is actually 3D? The center panel looks like a sunset shining behind a forest.

Ann also makes jewelry! What a talented woman!

Ann does not have a blog, but says that you can Google her and look at her Google+ and Picasa profiles.