I splashed grease on yet another shirt and decided that Super G and my Great Grama had a good thing going with the whole apron idea. I also remembered the aprons hanging in the shop in San Luis Obispo. I pulled out a box, which I remembered had some patterns in it. In the process found a huge cache of other bag, etc patterns –OOPS, I wondered where those were.

Apron Layout
Apron Layout

When I can make more, why would I just make one? I might be in the mood for sedate one day and crazy another day.

Yes, I have cut out two aprons.

Apron Layout
Apron Layout

Cutting is a good activity to do while at Sew Days as it does not require a machine, as I have said numerous times. I cut out one apron at the Sew Day and the other at the recent CQFA meeting.

I needed help with the layouts and even though the second pattern, the Church Ladies Apron Pattern by Mary Mulari, says it only needs a yard, you can see the layout problems I had when I used one yard of fabric.

I decided to use a nice Philip Jacobs prints for one side In searching for the perfect other side, I came across a text print and decided that would be fun. I am sure I will get some modern points for the text fabric. 😉

Apron Fabric & Pattern
Apron Fabric & Pattern

The other pattern is from McCall’s and is called Fashion Accessories “The Retro Collection” (#2811). I don’t remember when I bought it, but it has been around for awhile.

I have not started to sew yet, but stay tuned for that step.



Various & Sundry #7 – Late July 2014

Yes, this month you get two Various & Sundry posts! I had planned to post #6 on July 20, but it was getting so hefty that I posted it earlier this month. I promise not to bore you with more fiction books.

Media and Tutorials

Thanks to Daisy for sharing this great blog post putting to rest misconceptions about quiltmaking.

Nancy Rink’s studio was broken into and many, many quilts were stolen. Read about it on Bonnie Hunter’s blog. There is a link to Nancy Rink’s blog/website.

This Penguin UK book quilt is a fabulous idea for a reading chair quilt.

If you want to get the Jenny Doan (Missouri Star Quilt Co.) magazine called Block, you buy them at Always Quilting. They have three issues and the issues look like books.

AuriBuzz has an interview with Camille Roskelly.

If you want to make bias binding or the fabric for piping using the tube method, Whip Stitch has a tutorial.

Ms. Lottie gives some tips on writing a quilt pattern.

I am on the fence about talking about something like the post on a very popular blog. I was disappointed that this was posted after only a few days of viewing the Twitter feed. Personally, I can stop following the person in question if I am offended. I am more offended by things like the Hobby Lobby decision about WOMEN’s reproductive rights than the tweets. Perhaps the tweets are offensive, but to condemn someone so publicly is something I wouldn’t do. Yes, I am being circumspect, because I want to avoid, if possible, my blog being caught up in the firestorm that this has already generated. It makes me wonder if I am too quick to judge and stop buying a product? It makes me wonder if I am making unfair judgments about people based on social media (perhaps they dont’ write well or are still learning technology?) and whether unfair judgments are being made about me?

I heard that the Quilt Life magazine will be ending its run in October 2014. Even with the star power of Alex and Ricky, the magazine wasn’t sustainable. No layoffs are anticipated as a result, which is great. I get the magazine and I have to say that issues are piling up. There are some really good things about it, but others that just don’t grab my interest.

Easy Quilts, Fall 2014 issue is surprisingly cheerful for a Fall issue. One of the patterns, called Viola Blossoms is basically a Flowering Snowball recolored.

Patterns, Tools and Notions

ByAnnie has a series of tutorials that help you use their zippers by the yard. I think I need to try these so I can get the colors and lengths that I want in one package.

In my endless quest to push out corners into a shape that actually looks like a sharp corner, I bought the Quick Points Mini Point Pusher about a month or so ago. I still get a little rounded tip on the very corner, but this does a better job, without poking holes in the project, than anything I have used before. I sometimes have a difficult time getting it in the right location, but the idea is really good.

Fabric and Supplies

If you need to know all about bag interfacing, Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness fame (remember my Purse Palooza post?) has a post all about it. She includes the Vilene conversion, so if you are in the UK, or other places where you commonly use Vilene, this post is for you, too. If you don’t care about bags, you have to go to the post anyway, because the main image is hilarious and everyone needs a good laugh.

Kona Jamaica
Kona Jamaica

They hooked me with Jamaica. If the actual color of the fabric is anything like this color on my screen, I am all in. Yes, please, I’ll take 5 yards. Thanks.

I guess this means there is a new color card (or an update) in my future.

Other Artists

Pamela Allen, one of my favorite teachers, now has an online gallery. Go take a look.

Katie of the fabulous Katie’s Quilting Corner podcast posted some fabulous photos of her Hopscotch Lane quilt. The design, quilting – just everything came out very well. Her photography is wonderful as well.


The following are thanks to Ann May:

  •         Fiber inForms Show at the Michaelangelo Gallery 1111-A River St. Santa Cruz across from the Tannery, August 1-24, 2014. The First Friday Reception will be Friday, August 1 , 6-8 pm.  (2 newer pieces)
  •          Featured Studio for the Pacific International Quilt Festival studio tour, Santa Clara Convention Center, October 17, 2014.
  •          Primal Green II, Contemporary Quilt and Fiber Artists group Show, San Francisco Public Library, Wallace Stegner Environmental Library, fifth floor Main Library, October 11-April, 2015. I will have at least one piece at this event. I have entered three pieces.
  •          Abrazos del Alma( Hugs from the Soul) an art  exhibition inspired by her love of Mexican culture will be a special exhibition as part of Pacific International Quilt Festival, Santa Clara Convention Center, October, 2015.

Tale of Two Cities – More Blocks

City Sampler No.20
City Sampler No.20
City Sampler No.19
City Sampler No.19
City Sampler No.18
City Sampler No.18
City Sampler No.16
City Sampler No.16

I have been making more blocks; I just haven’t had a chance to post them. I only made it to 21 blocks, though I really tried to make 25 (1/4 of the total blocks) before the last meeting.

At least there is no real consequences for not making my goal except for a little disappointment in not trying just a bit harder.

At the meeting, we each showed the blocks we had made. I brought all of mine, though Patti, also in the small group, has seen a few of them. I have to try and remember not to show the same blocks again.

Patti is doing hers in batiks and I love the look.

Nicki joined us and is doing hers with scrappy fabrics choosing fabrics based on her whim of the moment. What a freeing experience!

I finished the crosses and am now in the rectangles. The small group is a great idea as people have good ideas on construction. I showed one of the rail fence type blocks at the meeting and both Nicki and Patti asked if I had made it using strip sets.

I was kind of shocked at myself that it hadn’t even occurred to me to use strips sets. I am not sure why, but it didn’t even occur to me use strip sets. Now that I am reminded, I will try to keep strip sets in mind.

I was looking for some pink fabric and, once I was finished, I rearranged my fabric bins. Now the aqua and turquoise bin was on the stop of the stack. I have a Leaning Tower of Pisa sized stack of fabric for this piece and yet, there is always the possibility that I will need more.

So, the project continues. How are you doing?

Previous Posts

Good News on the Sewing Machine Front


I have a talked a lot about my sewing machine in the recent past and the news has been all bad. 🙁

Finally, last week I got some GOOD news. Finally!

My mom took my machine to Always Quilting for me. I really had nothing to lose since it had been deemed terminal and, perhaps though hope was slim, I could catch a break. I feel like the machine has been at the shop forever.

Anyway, Wednesday I got a call from the woman who was working on it. She wanted to hear the story of the machine.


Why would someone want to know the story of my machine? Good idea, but it sounded weird. I think it just sounded weird, because nobody had ever asked me about that before. I told her my whole long sad tale of woe.

She asked if I had noticed skipped stitches or tension problems. I said that I could never get the tension right to free motion quilt, but other than that I wasn’t having any problems. She said that my needle bar was out of alignment. That was a new one on me! I now have a secret hope that I might be able to free motion quilt again sometime. Maybe? Perhaps?

She said that there had been too many hands on the machine and the connections were a mess. She said that a lot of the electronic connections had to be re-soldered, but no new screen was needed and I should have the 9K back by the weekend. I couldn’t believe it!

She said that the machine was NOT terminal!

I feel like I have won the lottery, a reprieve or something really good. I can’t wait to get my machine back.


I went and got the machine today. I normally don’t leave, but I am in a weird place with various projects and needed some exercise.

I got the machine back and set it up. First thing I noticed was that the light doesn’t work. Sigh.

The second thing I noticed was that the screen DOES work. YAY!

The needle bar definitely is different. I hope it is straight, though it doesn’t look straight. The seams seem to be straight if a touch wider than a scant 1/4″.

It sounds better, too. I like the sound of my 9k. It is quieter than my other machine.

I will also have a knee lift available again. I haven’t used it yet, but it is set up and ready to go.

My fingers are crossed.

More Progress on See

See - finished quilting
See – finished quilting

Well, I finally finished the quilting on See.

I find that once I get started on the quilting of a piece I stay and quilt until I can’t move. Not being able to move is a bad thing.

Still the quilting is done on this piece! After so many years of not working on it, I finished the quilting.

This does not, as you can see, mean the piece is done, but I am so much farther along. The quilting is really a block for me. The quilting hangs me up.

Perhaps I’ll consider this a turning point?

One of the biggest problems with a project lingering so long is I forget the details.  Did I use up all the background fabric? Is there anymore left? If so, where is it? What did I plan for the facing? Did I start a label? Sometimes these are important details and another good reason to work steadily on one project (and I don’t mean ONLY one project) and not let it languish.


Previous Posts

Current Projects – July 2014

Finished 2014 Quilt Projects

  1. Disappearing Pinwheel: Finished 5/30/2014
  2. Fabric of the Year 2012: Finished 4/24/2014
  3. Flower Sugar Hexagon: Finished 7/1/2014
  4. Fresh Fruit: Finished May 3/3/2014
  5. Infinity Quilt: Finished 3/3/2014
  6. Scrapitude Carnivale: Finished 6/3/2014
  7. Spiderweb: Finished 2/22/2014 WHEW!
  8. Star Sampler: Finished 7/3/2014

Finished 2014 non-Quilt Projects

Still WIPs

  1. Aqua-Red SamplerFrances and I are back at it regularly and I give Frances full credit as I have been letting her “drive the bus.” I did work on the hexagon tutorial as promised. It is ready to post, but I could have taken a few more photos and might still do that. If you look at it and think there are a paltry number of photos, check back.
  2. The Tarts Come to Tea: I still haven’t worked on this since April 2011, though, periodically, I think about working on it.
  3. Pointillist Palette #4: Fourth is a series of 6 quilts; needs tiny square patches sewn together. I still haven’t worked on this, though, I did find a bunch of squares already made. That makes me hopeful.
  4. Self Portrait: started in 2006 at a class at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, Virginia. My career counselor breathed new life into this project for me. She asked a simple question and the end result was inspiration for this piece. I am working on printing images on fabric and looking at the shoulder fabric. I am still trying to decide about a mouth and I need to find some monsters. 😉
  5. Under the Sea: class project; like the design, but not the colors much. Possibility for abandonment. I have to face reality.

Ready for Quilting

Wow! Everything on this list is new.

  1. New:* Wonky 9 Patch: Basted; needs quilting and binding. I am planning on quilting this myself. (Not on original list)
  2. New:* Super Secret Project #4: at the quilter
  3. Table runner: needs quilting and binding. I am planning on quilting this myself. (Not on original list)

In the Finishing Process

  1. See: I finished the quilting! YAY!! Needs facing and sleeve

In Process
I decided that I had better put in an ‘In Process’ category. The difference, at least in my mind, between ‘In Process’ and ‘UFO’ is that I am actively working on a project that is “In Process.”

Hunting and Gathering

  • Spin Wheel: really not started, but supplies gathered. I probably have enough fabrics and just need to decide to start.
  • Windmill quilt: Still hunting and gathering. I will use a grey for the background, because if I use more of the cut fabric patches, the pattern will be lost. The pieces are too oddly shaped and I don’t want to lose the pattern in a mass of scraps.
  • Stepping Stones #2 using Bonnie & Camille fabrics Bliss, Ruby, Vintage Modern: made two test blocks, but still in the thinking stage while I decide on the background colors. I want the contrast to be good.
  • Stepping Stones #3 using the Macaron pre-cuts from Hoffman. I just remembered this project. It isn’t started, but I have all the pre-cuts and should think about actually using them.
  • FOTY 2014: cutting out 3″x5″ rectangles.


Nothing so far for 2014

You can find the last update for the Current Projects list provides a good comparison to this month.

I thought you might want to take a look at the first list I made, the one with the 26 Projects. I started the list in October 2011. I have made REALLY GOOD progress. Up until last month, I was still planning to stop this post when I had no more projects from the original list to write about, but now, that the end is in sight, I am not so sure. It is so useful to keep track of all of my projects. Since I still have some pretty old projects on the list, I don’t have to decide right now.

*New – Project started after I started working on the 26 Projects list

Creative Prompt #268: Boy

Post the direct URL (link) where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted (e.g. your blog, Flickr) in the comments area of this post. I would really like to keep all the artwork together and provide a way for others to see your work and/or your blog.

We are also talking about this on Twitter. Use the hashtag #CPP

The Creative Prompt Project, also, has a Flickr group, which you can join to  post your responses. I created this spot so those of you without blogs and websites would have a place to post your responses.

Boy George

Boy Scouts

Definition: “A boy is a young male human, usually child or adolescent. When he becomes an adult he’s described as a man. The most apparent thing that differentiates a boy from a girl is that a boy typically has a penis while girls have a vagina. However, some intersex children with ambiguous genitals, and genetically female transgender children, may also be classified or self-identify as a boy.

The term “boy” is primarily used to indicate biological sex distinctions, cultural gender role distinctions or both. The latter most commonly applies to adult men, either considered in some way immature or inferior, in a position associated with aspects of boyhood, or even without such boyish connotation as age-indiscriminate synonym. The term can be joined with a variety of other words to form these gender-related labels as compound words.” (Wikipedia)

About a Boy (movie)

Boy (stylized BOY) is a Swiss/German pop duo founded in 2007 by singer Valeska Steiner (Swiss) and bassist Sonja Glass (German).

Oh boy!

boys howdy

Boy Meets World

Nancy Boy


Beastie Boys

Boys’ Life (magazine)

Boy by Roald Dahl

Backstreet Boys


The Beach Boys

Boys Town

Boy toy

Bad Boy Records

Pet Shop Boys

Run Boy Run

Mama’s Boy

Pep Boys

Boys State

Dutch Boy (paint)

Golden Boy

Bugle Boy

Billionaire Boys Club

Jersey Boys


FOTY 2013: a New View

FOTY 2013 - Black & White
FOTY 2013 – Black & White

I am slowly, painfully, making my way through the FOTY 2013 piece. I am nearing the end of the arranging.

Nearing the end.

Not there yet.

I have been looking at the quilt project through the green and red films that come with the Ultimate 3-in-1 Color tool (if you don’t have this, click on the link and buy it RIGHT NOW**). It hasn’t been working out that well for me, so I decided to switch a photo to black and white to see areas that could use improvement. This was a great idea, because 1) it shows me that I am doing pretty well and 2) it shows me areas that I might be able to improve.

I am trying to stick to the idea that the darkest fabrics will go on the bottom because they have a heavier feeling.

I also want the like colors to be mostly together and there to be a smooth-ish gradation between colors.

Annotated FOTY 2013
Annotated FOTY 2013

I thought I would share with you areas that jumped out at me and see what you think.

The areas I have indicated are too dark or too light for where they are currently placed OR do not make a smooth transition. I have not moved anything yet, because identifying a problem creates another problem: where to put the problem fabrics and what to put in their place.

This is where you have to look at the piece and at the colors to make sure that if you move it to the ‘obvious’ location, it doesn’t ruin the smooth transitions between colors.

Once I make the changes, I have to go start the process over.




**You should buy the Ultimate 3-in-1 color tool because it is a quick reference for color work. You can look at the relevant page see the complement, the analogous colors, triadic and split complementary. There is also a long list of colors that would work in a monochromatic quilt. It is a sampling of tints, shades and tones.

Previous Posts that Might be of Interest:


Donation Tote Bag

Recently, Mom asked for something for her church auction. they raise money to pay off the student loans of the priests, presumably so the priests can adhere to their vow of poverty.**

Donation Jane Market Tote
Donation Jane Market Tote

I thought of this bag. It was, after all, almost done and meant I didn’t have to start a new project. Perfect. I started this bag before I started having machine problems. It was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back. I try not to hold that against it. Regardless, I had some decorative stitches to rip out. At Sew Day, Kelly did the job for me while I did a job for her. Then I just did another decorative stitch with the backup machine and finished it.

The difficulty with decorative stitches is that I am not familiar with the options available on my backup machine. I used almost all, if not all of the decorative stitches on my 9K to make gift bags. I don’t really need more gift bags and I am not that interested in making gift bags right now (Don’t get me wrong! I love them and think everyone should use them, but I have plenty and am over making them for the moment). That gift bag project was also an opportunity for me to try out all the decorative stitches. I learned:

  • how much thread each one requires
  • placement information
  • size

Making this tote bag was great and adding the decorative stitch was kind of a shot in the dark. The other variable was that my backup machine allows me to resize the stitches as well. I haven’t played much with that option, but it introduces a whole additional level of options to my choices.

I dove in and sewed the last bit, then gave it to Mom who was thrilled. I might make something else, if I have a chance, since the auction isn’t until December. What I would love is to make something that would blow their socks off and have people fighting over. I would be a hero. A quiltmaking hero and that would be awesome.





**My mom is Greek Orthodox and I have no idea if their priests have to take a vow of poverty. I do know that their salary has to come from the congregation and that is daunting. I don’t see the priest getting $90k per year.

See Progress

See: Quilting the Background
See: Quilting the Background

I also, after working on the lanyard and the lovey blocks and the Fish Postcard that I got back to See. I spent about 6 hours quilting and saw a lot of progress. The background isn’t done, but I probably have a quarter of it left to stitch.

I am following the grid lines on the fuchsia fabric. It is going well, though I am starting to sink a lot of threads. the piece will be pretty tightly quilted when I am finished.

I was in a phone meeting the other day and was looking at this piece as I listened to everyone talk. I am really pleased with how the background quilting is coming out. I need to get to work to finish the piece.

Fish Postcard

Fish postcard
Fish postcard

This is a long overdue project. I started it in May 2007 in a workshop with Pamela Allen through the East Bay Heritage Quilters.  It would have been easy to toss it into a Goodwill bin and move on, but because it was started in a Pamela class, I just couldn’t. I am not 100% happy with the stitching and the fish looks a little freaky, but I am really glad it is done.

I sent it off to a friend who is spearheading a Lovey for a mutual acquaintance who is going through a tough time.

Scissor Sheath

I have a weird image of myself wearing a lanyard to a guild meeting with a lot of tools, at my fingertips and never lost under fabric or pattern pieces, hanging off of it. Like a chatelaine that the mistress of an English or French great house or castle would wear, only more quilty.

This is probably a stupid vision, because I would get a neck ache carrying around all this stuff  and it would look a bit geeky as well. I did warn you that it was strange, and I just never know what images will pop into my head and inspire me.

A good reason to go to a guild meeting, probably the best reason, is to see what others are making. At a recent BAMQG meeting, Susan brought scissor sheaths she was making for the ladies at a retreat in which she participates. These scissor sheaths stuck in my head and I looked up a couple of YouTube videos with directions. They are very easy to make.

I took the best of both videos to try and make my own.


  • Template (cardboard or rotary version)
  • Interfacing to give the piece a little body. Batting would do as well.
  • Gluestick or Sewline glue pen
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Rotary cutter
  • Iron and ironing supplies
  • Chalk or chalk pencil (Sewline works well)
  • Needle
  • Thread
Fan/Dresden Template Selection
Fan/Dresden Template Selection

First, I went looking for templates. I didn’t have a heart shaped die for the Accuquilt, so I looked for fan or Dresden Plate rotary templates. I knew I had some and thought those would work.

I had a few different ones and tried the rounded Dresden petal template first. the first one I made turned out ok. I needed to reinforce the stitching in several places and I didn’t like cutting around the rounded bottom (thinner end) of the template.

Despite my annoyance, any of the above templates, as well as the Accuquilt heart shaped die (not really covered in this tutorial) will do.



Cut Fabrics
Cut Fabrics
    • 4 pieces of fabric from your template (this tutorial does not cover the modifications needs if you are using the Accuquilt Heart shaped die)
Pin Interfacing to Fabric
Pin Interfacing to Fabric
  • 2 pieces of interfacing or batting slightly smaller than your template


Mark notches
Mark notches
  • Make notches or markings where you want the top fold to be – about 1-5/8″down from the top. 1″ works well for some fabric looks.
  • Pin the interfacing, if it is not fusible, to keep in in place while you sew until after you turn it. ShapeFlex will work if you have some.
Pin Interfacing to fabric
Pin Interfacing to fabric


  • Two right sides together, leaving a small space to turn,using a scant 1/4″
  • Try to catch the interfacing (if it isn’t fusible)

Clip and Turn

  • Optional: Clip curves, if you are using a Dresden Plate template that has a curved edge.
  • Turn pieces right sides out

Trim, Poke and Press

  • Trim the corners if you are not using a rounded Dresden template.
  • Poke out corners and curves carefully so the outer edge is smooth
  • Press so the pieces look nice


  • Put two main parts together (4 Dresden fan pieces that you have sewn and turned)
  • Sew from notches/markings
  • Sew around bottom 2-3 times staying on the line to reinforce the bottom


  • Trim the bottom corners
  • Turn whole piece right sides out
  • Fold down front petal
  • Press
  • Optional: stitch folded petal down using hand-stitching needle and thread or you could add a button or bead as an embellishment.
Scissor Sheath, finished
Scissor Sheath, finished

Final Thoughts

Now I am thinking of sets of Pincushions, needlecases and scissor sheaths. Watch out world! 😉 However, these are kind of a pain to make, so I don’t know how many I will make.

You could add a tab with some hardware so you can attach it to your quilt club lanyard.


  • Stamping with Gail video on scissor sheaths.
  • Anne Clemmer (StamperDog) video on making a scissor pouch

Snowball Wreath Again

Snowball Wreath Block 2
Snowball Wreath Block 2

SnowballWreathDrawingJust a few weeks ago, I caught you up on the news of the Snowball Wreath pattern.

Do I have a bug in my ear?


I am fascinated by this block.

One problem I had with the previous post was that my Blockbase disk stopped working and I had to get a replacement disk before I could show you the templates or the detailed layout of the block.

I just received the disk, installed Blockbase and immediately looked up this block. Snowball Wreath was there in all its crazy glory.I am so impressed that Laura Wheeler would have the guts to make a block with such crazy templates. Talk about no fear!

They had used colors in the sample that weren’t to my taste, so I recolored the piece to look like the block I made way back when.

Snowball Wreath Block (drawing)
Snowball Wreath Block (drawing)

I saw the block colored, but I also looked at it for a long time in the drawing format. Can you believe those pieces? I am reminded why we don’t see very many quilts with this pattern. Of course, I haven’t see every quilt in the universe, so they could be out there waiting for the perfect time to show themselves so I have another blog post. 😉

Finally, you can see from the second block I colored that there are different ways to get different looks out of the block. I don’t think the second one looks quite as interesting, but it would definitely work if you wanted to fussy cut some fabric then put it in he middle.

Here is a PDF of the Snowball Wreath templates. Who’s making one?

Creative Prompt #267: Store

98 prompts (approximately 1.5 years!) to go before I end this project.

Post the direct URL (link) where your drawing, doodle, artwork is posted (e.g. your blog, Flickr) in the comments area of this post. I would really like to keep all the artwork together and provide a way for others to see your work and/or your blog.

We are also talking about this on Twitter. Use the hashtag #CPP

The Creative Prompt Project, also, has a Flickr group, which you can join to  post your responses. I created this spot so those of you without blogs and websites would have a place to post your responses.

in-store services

store shelves

web store

mind the store

store staff

H-Store is an experimental main-memory, parallel database management system that is optimized for on-line transaction processing (OLTP)

brick and mortar store

app store

store locator

convenience store

The Comedy Store, 8433 Sunset Boulevard.

department store

store locations

store security

store directory


grocery store

The DataCite Metadata Store is a service for data publishers to mint DOIs and register associated metadata.

jewelry store

Stores will combine the sociality and the indulgences of food with the pleasures of shopping,” says WD Partners’ report.

  • A retail store: Establishment where merchandise is sold, usually on a retail basis, and where wares are often kept.
  • A storage place where things are stored, e.g. a ship’s paint store
  • Expendables released from an aircraft, such as ordnance or countermeasures
  • Štore, a town and a municipality in eastern Slovenia
  • The Store, 1932 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Thomas Sigismund Stribling
  • The Store (ITV), British shopping television programming on ITV1 (Wikipedia)



CQFA -July 2014

Maureen's Show Piece
Maureen’s Show Piece

Last Saturday was the day of reckoning for Primal Green 2 (remember the first Primal Green show?), the show the group has coming up in the Fall at the San Francisco Public Library.

We all had to show the pieces (in progress ok) we were planning on entering. The work was amazing. Some of it came from the various challenges the guild has had and some is new. It was all very interesting and wonderful.

What a fantastic meeting, if for no other reason than the work alone.


July 2014 ATCs
July 2014 ATCs

Angela wasn’t at the meeting, so Maureen led us in trading. A few more extras were collected for the show. I thought mine were pretty cool until I saw everyone else’s. I need to up my game. More embellishing, more stamping, more beading. More interesting.

Show and Tell

I showed the most quilts, all of which you have seen:

Fish Purse by Carolyn
Fish Purse by Carolyn

Everyone showed such great stuff. Jennifer is really having a lot of success sending materials to magazines. Maureen continues to try new dyeing techniques. Carolyn showed the most hilarious, but fantastic fish pillow. People encouraged her to enter it into the show. It would be a great piece for one of the tabletop cabinets.

After Sewing

I stayed again to work a little bit with friends like I did last week and got part of the second apron cut out as well as the Soft & Stable for another Petrillo Bag. I still didn’t tackle the notepad covers or the Day in the Park bag. I guess I need to rethink those projects and why I am not working on them.

Jan Scardina
Jan Scardina

Jan and Maureen stayed, too. Maureen took a beading class from Thom Atkins and worked on her sampler project while Jan sewed like a demon to finish her quilt for the show.

I think of this quilt as part of Jan’s “Flying over the Country” series, though I am not sure she agrees. She flies to the Midwest to visit her parents and I think she gets inspired by what she sees during the flights. She started a piece at a retreat a few years go with circles, but similar in construction to the piece above. I love that previous piece and egged her on a bit about finishing it. 😉 I was really glad to see her and see her sewing.