Donation Tote Bag

Recently, Mom asked for something for her church auction. they raise money to pay off the student loans of the priests, presumably so the priests can adhere to their vow of poverty.**

Donation Jane Market Tote
Donation Jane Market Tote

I thought of this bag. It was, after all, almost done and meant I didn’t have to start a new project. Perfect. I started this bag before I started having machine problems. It was actually the straw that broke the camel’s back. I try not to hold that against it. Regardless, I had some decorative stitches to rip out. At Sew Day, Kelly did the job for me while I did a job for her. Then I just did another decorative stitch with the backup machine and finished it.

The difficulty with decorative stitches is that I am not familiar with the options available on my backup machine. I used almost all, if not all of the decorative stitches on my 9K to make gift bags. I don’t really need more gift bags and I am not that interested in making gift bags right now (Don’t get me wrong! I love them and think everyone should use them, but I have plenty and am over making them for the moment). That gift bag project was also an opportunity for me to try out all the decorative stitches. I learned:

  • how much thread each one requires
  • placement information
  • size

Making this tote bag was great and adding the decorative stitch was kind of a shot in the dark. The other variable was that my backup machine allows me to resize the stitches as well. I haven’t played much with that option, but it introduces a whole additional level of options to my choices.

I dove in and sewed the last bit, then gave it to Mom who was thrilled. I might make something else, if I have a chance, since the auction isn’t until December. What I would love is to make something that would blow their socks off and have people fighting over. I would be a hero. A quiltmaking hero and that would be awesome.





**My mom is Greek Orthodox and I have no idea if their priests have to take a vow of poverty. I do know that their salary has to come from the congregation and that is daunting. I don’t see the priest getting $90k per year.