More Progress on See

See - finished quilting
See – finished quilting

Well, I finally finished the quilting on See.

I find that once I get started on the quilting of a piece I stay and quilt until I can’t move. Not being able to move is a bad thing.

Still the quilting is done on this piece! After so many years of not working on it, I finished the quilting.

This does not, as you can see, mean the piece is done, but I am so much farther along. The quilting is really a block for me. The quilting hangs me up.

Perhaps I’ll consider this a turning point?

One of the biggest problems with a project lingering so long is I forget the details.  Did I use up all the background fabric? Is there anymore left? If so, where is it? What did I plan for the facing? Did I start a label? Sometimes these are important details and another good reason to work steadily on one project (and I don’t mean ONLY one project) and not let it languish.


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