More Progress on See

See - finished quilting
See – finished quilting

Well, I finally finished the quilting on See.

I find that once I get started on the quilting of a piece I stay and quilt until I can’t move. Not being able to move is a bad thing.

Still the quilting is done on this piece! After so many years of not working on it, I finished the quilting.

This does not, as you can see, mean the piece is done, but I am so much farther along. The quilting is really a block for me. The quilting hangs me up.

Perhaps I’ll consider this a turning point?

One of the biggest problems with a project lingering so long is I forget the details.  Did I use up all the background fabric? Is there anymore left? If so, where is it? What did I plan for the facing? Did I start a label? Sometimes these are important details and another good reason to work steadily on one project (and I don’t mean ONLY one project) and not let it languish.


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8 thoughts on “More Progress on See”

  1. This quilting is gorgeous! I’ve been zooming and looking closely to see how you followed the grid lines so smoothly and added this fantastic texture to the quilt. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    1. I am a crazy person when it comes to quilting these small art quilts. I like them to be flat and not puffy at all. Next is my self portrait. 😉

  2. A gorgeous looking quilt, Jaye, I love the color combination. I usually keep my in-progress quilts with the fabrics and binding together so I know where I am at. Now putting back the fabric into the stash when I’m finished is a different story… 🙂 My barrier is basting, so I think we all have our blocks, right?

    1. Yes, I should keep it all together. I’ll try and add that to my routine. Hopefully, I won’t have projects languishing for years anymore, but you never know.

      Thanks, I am pleased with this quilt.

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