Design Wall Monday

Design Wall February 1, 2015
Design Wall February 1, 2015

I think that my design wall looks exceptionally turquoise this week. There seems to be a sufficient amount of pink, too.

It looks really different from the last time I posted, partially because I have been sewing. Though different is probably the wrong word; it looks more – more of everything.  More octagons, more Stepping Stones.

  1. Same old four patches, though I have actually sewed a few.
  2. More Fabric of the Year patches
  3. A folded paper wreath that I made a long time ago. I really wish I remembered how to make it. Even extensive Googling didn’t help. If you know how to make one, let me know.
  4. My birthday card from Crafty Garden Mom.
  5. Finished Stepping Stones blocks.
  6. Octagon snowballs, being slightly overlapped by an in progress Stepping Stone.
  7. Flying Geese (below) blocks.