Reno’s Premier Quiltmaking Event: Make it Modern

Make It Modern
Make It Modern

My friend Kathleen is organizing a great event in beautiful Reno: Make it Modern. This is the premier Reno event for modern quiltmakers. It is a great opportunity to work with a couple of QuiltCon 2016’s hottest designers.

What: Fun and fabulous days of creating, led by modern quilters Christina Cameli and Libs Elliott. Additional help, discussions, and general shenanigans each evening at the sewing salon, and a trunk show on Sunday morning.

Where: Peppermill Resort, Reno, Nevada

When: June 9-12, 2016

Who: Christina Cameli and Libs Elliot will be teaching

Why: Because it is fun to meet up with other like minded quiltmakers and have some fun sewing

How: easy access by car and plane

Find out more information and register on the Make It Modern Events website.

Various & Sundry 2016 #6


ByAnnie, the company that makes Soft & Stable, sent me a newsletter advertising their newest class, Sew Sturdy: The Ultimate Travel Bag, which is available on Craftsy. It looks like some other bags I have seen and I decided to buy it. I have to make the Sew Sweetness Rockstar bag first, but I decided I would make this bag as well. Buy the class on Craftsy and we can support each other.

Other Artists

Ms. Lottie has made a couple of art pieces. The pieces comprise a triptych and one thing I like about the pieces is that they have a clean, non-messy look.

Adinda Zoutman showed this crochet shawl on FB. I can’t believe how gorgeous it is!


Pam recently posted an episode of the Stitch TV Show talking about thread. I was reminded of this when I began listening to an older, but new to me, episode of Annie Smith’s podcast. The topic is thread. Annie has a lot of good information on the different manufacturers, well known and not so well known as well as the properties of thread. Listen to episode #227.

Fabric, Tools & Supplies

Massdrop has a couple of great things that I think you will enjoy. First, they have the new folding mat by Olfa. I bought one for my quiltmaking Go bag. I use this bag to take to classes and retreats without having to raid my regular supplies. Next I saw the Martelli RoundAbout set in use at a class. The set ($40 off) includes a ironing surface, cutting mat and a piecing surface for use right at your class table or for smaller projects in your sewing room. Massdrop also has thread sets, batting, LOTS of fabric, including Eden by Tula Pink, as well as the electronics, fountain pens and gaming accessories. Use my code and will get a prize. 😉

Hawthorne Threads has a new companion line to their Celestial Stars called Stitch the Stars. There is an Indigo, Charcoal and other colors. It reminds me of Karen Lewis’ new line.

Articles & Information

Pat Sloan has a post on her site about how to use a Jelly Roll. It is always useful to see how others manage pre-cuts.

Check out OzzyPip’s interview with Daisy!

We have all discussed different brands of solids and their properties. I have recently been using 2.5″ squares cut from a Northcott solid. I didn’t even know Northcott made solids until QuiltCon, which gives us yet another choice. Right Sides Together wrote an article right on point. I am sure Frances will be thrilled! This is not a comprehensive article and she says right up front that YMMV. This is a GREAT start and we should add to the knowledge. She doesn’t talk about fraying (not every article can talk about everything!) beyond a brief mention. Fraying is huge for me. The author does include American Made Brand solids, which is great. I also liked it that she includes the number of colors in each line and whether or not there is a color card. She doesn’t mention the Northcott solids, but I believe those will come more into the quiltmaking consciousness as time goes on.

My sister is featured in this post :

Doing Good

You have seen the many donation quilts and blocks made from the 16 patch pattern. I saw a great quilt on Instagram. If I would plan better, I could make one of these. We can all dream.


Will you make a quilt from a floor design?

Julie Silber was at the EBHQ Show. I looked up her website in an effort to see if I could find one that I really liked. I couldn’t find it, but the others are really great, too.

La Passacaglia

I am still thinking about the La Passacaglia quilt. It is such an interesting concept that I can’t stop thinking about it. Here are few resources if you are also thinking about making it.