North Coast Inspiration pt.2

Misty scenery
Misty scenery

This post will make a lot more sense if you go and read part 1 first. That post has pretty pictures as well.

Down the street from the Humboldt Parlor Hall is the Clark Historical Museum. It is housed in an old Bank of Eureka/Crocker Bank building, which was purchased by Cecile Clark for her collection of items related to the area. The museum is small, but very well done. They had a special exhibit of 1960s fashion when we visited.

The museum also has one of the largest collections of Native American baskets in the US. I thought the designs on some of the baskets shared similarities with quiltmaking.

The museum also had a suite of rooms depicting a Victorian parlor and bedroom. Several vintage sewing machines were displayed along with a couple of quilts – two crazy quilts and a beautiful log cabin. I am concerned about the scrunched up display of the crazy quilts and hope they are replicas.

Eureka is a very nice city and there is a lot to do, wonderful restaurants and many historical sites. It is well worth a trip.

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