Various & Sundry 2017 #4

AQ Updates

I finally put all the finished quilts from last year on the Gallery page. On the Gallery page, you can see a list of all the quilts I have ever made. Not all have links to photos, but I am working on that. Take a look

I have updated the tutorials page. Have you looked at it recently?

I also updated the Lanyard tutorial. Have you made a lanyard for your guild meeting nametag?


The Quilt Alliance has a new post about saving our quilt stories.

Frances of The Off Kilter Quilt podcast and QuiltFiction fame has a new story posted. You must sign up for her newsletter in order to read it. Well worth it as her newsletters are short and sweet, but packed with info.

Projects & Patterns

Remember the Lined Drawstring Bag from InColorOrder? She has a new post out that details all the variations for her bags. One of them is a shoe bag. I was thinking about Grand Parlor and making shoe bags for the 9-10 pair of shoes I bring. Kismet, I think! She also has a slide show of all the bags she has made. Take a look.

Oliver+S posted about seam finishing techniques. There are visual examples as well as explanation.

I like some papercrafts and like them even more when they flow over into fabric. You might remember the paper wreath tutorial I posted, which I then translated into fabric.  I found a Scandinavian Heart tutorial that is made from fabric. It would be a great gift! The Quilting Daily (@QuiltingDaily) tweeted the link out originally.

I went on a little EPP tangent looking for a Jack’s Chain (now called Ferris Wheel) pattern. It started on the site, but branched off into a search and then down a rabbit hole to different sites.  One site with multiple interesting patterns is Imaginesque, a UK site. I saw a very interesting block with no name, beyond Block 21, but infinite possibilities in terms of color transparency.

I also found a pattern for an EPP Travel Kit, which I might add to my list of gifts.

Imaginesque also has a pattern and instructions for Block 49, which looks like a flower to me. I haven’t thought much about curves in terms of English paper piecing, but seeing these blocks makes me start to think about it.

I spent some time burrowing around in the Imaginesque site to see if I could find an explanation for the numbered quilt blocks. I found block number 1, though it is just posted as another pattern and doesn’t seem to be any sort of specific project. Imaginesque is no longer updated, but there are a lot of posts with patterns to explore.

Techniques, Tips & Tricks

I heard about the ‘flat back stitch’ for sewing together EPP recently. I didn’t know how to do it, but tried and like that the stitches do not show on the front. The video I had marked was actually a JPG, so I had to go searching for one to see if I was doing it right. 😉 I found one by Step Gingerly that is useful, but there are a lot of different ones you can review.

Have you see the hand sewing guide at Art Gallery Fabrics?

Cluck Cluck Sew has some great tips about healthy sewing. As usual DO NOT self diagnose. Go to the doctor if you have pain. Her tips, however, are useful and sensible. I have been taking Pilates for awhile, but my new focus is stretching. I have been feeling tight and creaky, so back to stretching for me. What about you?

Events, Exhibits & Projects

Some people attended QuiltCon and, kindly, wrote about it. Quiltin’ Jenny was instrumental in getting Frances to Savannah, I believe. Quiltin’ Jenny’s post talks about 6 things she saw there. There is so much more in her post than 6 things. It is a fantastic post and you should go read it. Frances has a special podcast where she talks about her experiences there. I know there are a lot of other posts, so go read some of them and plan to be in Pasadena in 2018. HollyAnne of String & Story and Quilts for a Cure also has a post, which is a more general recap, but has fantastic pictures. She posted a lot of insightful thoughts on the quilts.

Are you participating in the Scientific Quilter’s March-a-Long?

The Chester County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society is holding a Quilt Day in May. Check their newsletter for details. Thanks to AQSG’s Barb Garrett for the tip.

The Virginia Quilt Museum is showing a stunning exhibit of early applique quilts from the Mid-Atlantic region. It is a small but serious exhibit which includes 20th century examples of appliqued beauties. The museum is located a short hop off the interstate in Shenandoah Valley’s Harrisonburg, Va. See the website for details on hours etc. Thanks to AQSG’s Neva Hart for the tip.

Pat Bravo and Mr. Domestic are having an EPP party in April 2017.

Quilt San Francisco 2017 Show and sale will be presented by the San Francisco Quilters’ Guild on Friday, March 24 10:00-7:00 and Saturday, March 25 10:00-4:00. Check the website for more details.

Pine Tree Quilt Guild presents their Springtime in the Pines show on May 6-7, 2017 at the Nevada County Fairgrounds, Grass Valley, Calif. Admission is $7 and there is free parking.

The Roseville Quilters Guild presents Oceans of Fabrics, Waves of Quilts, May 19-20, 2017. It will be held at the Lutheran Church of the Ressurrection, 6365 Douglas Blvd, Granite Bay. It will be open Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-4. Admission is $7.


The BBC had an article on some of the funny names of London Underground stations. I found them entertaining and they made my mind race around in creative ways.

Products, Tools and Fabric

New Workroom Chair
New Workroom Chair

There is a TJ Maxx near my house and, as it is the one outlet type store I can actually stand shopping at, I go in for a look occasionally to see what they have. I have found some great finds: dresses for #politicalwifery, a set of sunflower plates for a gift swooned over by the recipient and recently a chair for my workroom.

I had a chair. It was an office chair we got for free when the bank DH worked at (about 1,000 years ago) was purchased and they were closing his location. It no longer moved up and down and was not hideous, but not pretty either. I saw this chair and knew it would be perfect or the new look I am working on for my workroom. It is slightly lighter weight than my old one, so I can’t pile up as much fabric on it, but all parts function and it is pretty.

Bag clips
Bag clips

I bought this pack of bag clips not for chip and bread bags in the kitchen, but for my workroom. They are too pretty to hide away in the pantry. I have decided that the things I use should be pretty.

No more beige and brown for me.