Jelly Roll Rug Continues

Jelly Roll Rug in process- early June 2019
Jelly Roll Rug in process- early June 2019

I was determined to make some major progress on Wednesday while DH was out. I added a couple of rounds, but ran into more problems. My machine started skipping stitches. I changed the needle, re-threaded, changed the needle again, switched stitches, changed thread. Nothing helped. I even took off the sole plate and cleaned out what little fuzz and such that there was. I thought I might be able to see something stuck in the bobbin case. No luck.

I was using a zigzag stitch so I switched to a project that just required a straight stitch. Same problem.

Fortunately, I got the rows in before the trouble started.

I just had the machine serviced and it has been doing fine. I meant to call the shop yesterday, but was busy and didn’t do it. So frustrating.