Warm and Cool

I wanted to show these two quilts together since they will not go to live at the same house when they are finished. I took them both to my longarmer the other week and they will be done soon since, for once, she doesn’t have a huge backlog. I need to get Frolic! going so I can take that quilt to be quilted when I go to pick these up. I talked recently about the progress I am making on it, but I still feel like I am not making enough.

Leftover Windmill Blades
Leftover Windmill Blades

That could be because of the number of Windmill blades I have left. I don’t feel like I finished a project despite the fact that I have two quilts – a warm version and a cool version.

For each quilt (shown above), I used 256 blades from my bin. I also added background blades, so each quilt consisted of 512 blades. The only blades I really care about are the non-background blades, because those are the ones I have stashed. I used 512 of those blades total. I think I might have that many left.I am not sure what I have left in terms of blades. Do I have enough to make another pretty Cool version? Or will I need to think of another color arrangement?

I have more Windmill quilts to make, though not today.