Finished: Cool Windmill

Cool Windmill Finished
Cool Windmill Finished

I was reminded when I wrote the 26 Projects post yesterday that I forgot to post the finished Cool Windmill quilt.

Right now it’s kind of all Frolic! all the time so I am happy I didn’t post this earlier so you guys get a break from Frolic!.

This will head off to a friend’s house once Shelter-in-Place is over, though if I have to go out, I might drop it off and do a sort of ding-dong-ditch. I would tell her and possible stand off the porch and ‘yell’ at her when she opens the door. We’ll see how long I want it hanging around. We have another month of Shelter-in-Place.

Cool Windmill back (finished)
Cool Windmill back (finished)

The back is ok. I don’t know why I chose so much green, perhaps to get rid of it.

DH was kind enough to hold the quilt up for me so I could photograph it. Click on the photos to enlarge them as they look better.

Mom has requested one of these, but in warm colors. That will be a good way to get rid of some of the patches and it was a fun and easy quilt to make. I look forward to that.

Finished: Warm Windmill

Finished: Warm Windmill
Finished: Warm Windmill

The Warm Windmill is finished. I think I already added it to my spreadsheet, so no additional fabric usage. I am pleased with the way it came out.

I need to figure out if I am going to keep it until I can show it at a guild meeting. I am getting a pileup of quilts around the house, so I am inclined to send it along to its new home. We’ll see.

Finished: Warm Windmill (back)
Finished: Warm Windmill (back)

Warm and Cool

I wanted to show these two quilts together since they will not go to live at the same house when they are finished. I took them both to my longarmer the other week and they will be done soon since, for once, she doesn’t have a huge backlog. I need to get Frolic! going so I can take that quilt to be quilted when I go to pick these up. I talked recently about the progress I am making on it, but I still feel like I am not making enough.

Leftover Windmill Blades
Leftover Windmill Blades

That could be because of the number of Windmill blades I have left. I don’t feel like I finished a project despite the fact that I have two quilts – a warm version and a cool version.

For each quilt (shown above), I used 256 blades from my bin. I also added background blades, so each quilt consisted of 512 blades. The only blades I really care about are the non-background blades, because those are the ones I have stashed. I used 512 of those blades total. I think I might have that many left.I am not sure what I have left in terms of blades. Do I have enough to make another pretty Cool version? Or will I need to think of another color arrangement?

I have more Windmill quilts to make, though not today.

Cool Windmill Top

Cool Windmill top
Cool Windmill top

After Saturday, I was not feeling like I was accomplishing anything. I had three things on my list Saturday morning and hadn’t finished any of them. However, after yesterday, all three items were marked off my list. I finished the Frolic! flying geese early-ish on Sunday, which was the first task. Next was finishing the Cool Windmill top.

I am fairly pleased with the way this came out. I have used another 512 blades for this piece and still have a lot I can use or give away.  I’ll be making the backa nd binding this week as well.

Warm Windmill Top & Back

I kind of feel like I am roaring into 2020 with the finishing of the top and back of this quilt. My office was closed for nearly two weeks over the holidays, so I had some time to work. I did have a lot of holiday stuff to take care of so I worked on this mostly after the Christmas holiday.

Warm Windmill Top
Warm Windmill Top

As I said previously, I really only had to cut backgrounds for this quilt so it went together pretty quickly. I had a lot of Windmill blades from which to choose.

Surprisingly, the back also went together pretty quickly. I made the binding so this piece is ready to go to the quilter.

Warm Windmill Back
Warm Windmill Back

Warm Windmill Again

Windmill Progress - early January 2020
Windmill Progress – early January 2020

I made a lot of progress over the holiday. I am back at work, so I hope to continue to make progress.

The blocks are mostly sewn together. I am chunking them and it is going quickly, though I have started to pin the intersections so they match.

I added a row to the right and another on the bottom. After I sewed the first group of blocks together, I had space. Since I have a lot of blades, I decided to use them. The piece is now 64 blocks (groups of 4-2 blade blocks). It fits on my design wall, though wouldn’t if it weren’t sewn. I had to cut more backgrounds, which is a little tedious, but I am breaking up the work by sewing.

I hope to have the top finished soon.

Warm Windmill

As mentioned, I started working on Windmill blocks. Last time, I talked about this project, I was sewing all the blades together. I realized that I had TONS of blades, so I shifted gears. I have enough blades to make at least two quilts. I decided to make a warm version first. This will consist of red, orange, yellow, pink, brown, beige and any mottle fabric that reads ‘warm’.

Windmill patches
Windmill patches

I wanted something easy to sew together. Despite the angles, my idea worked. I can eyeball how to put the patches together so they sew up into a square.

Since I started cutting greys, I made the background grey so the foreground fabrics stand out.

I think this will be part of the Niece-phews project.

Windmill Starts

Along time ago, Friend Julie and I started cutting Windmill shapes for each other. It’s possible that the last time I posted about this project was in 2012. Last weekend, I decided that it was time to sew them together. This project is coming off the Hunting and Gathering list.

Windmill first sewn blocks - layout 1
Windmill first sewn blocks – layout 1

The blades sew together very quickly once I got the placement correct.

My first layout, shown left, was kind of a wonky looking zigzag. I was starting to change the layout to the one shown below, so the upper right hand corner blocks are in a different layout. Check the bottom. πŸ˜‰

The zigzag layout has its charms. Then I texted Friend Julie and she called the pieces blades, so I started thinking about them in a kind of fan format.

Windmill first sewn blocks - layout 2
Windmill first sewn blocks – layout 2

I rearranged the blocks into that format. I am not sure about this quilt in general. I think I might need to use all warm colors or all reds and pinks or something. I think both layouts look strange.

At some point, I decided to cut background fabrics, so that the foreground blades would be highlighted. The idea works; I am just not sure if I like the whole effect.

Also, I have a lot of these blades. I think I can make at least two quilts.

Julie has the Best Batiks

I got two Recchiuti boxes of windmill pieces last week from Friend Julie. I think I have mentioned that we are cutting for each other and doing the same shape this time.

Windmill patches from Julie
Windmill patches from Julie

She really has the best batiks. Almost all the pieces she sent to me were batiks and I really like them. I didn’t photograph all of them; just a sample of what she sent.

In the course of putting them away, I realized that I have to find another storage container. I crammed these into the current containers, but no more will fit.

I use plastic scone containers that I get from Whole Foods. I am out of those storage  containers. I’ll have to stop at Whole Foods and get some more scones. πŸ˜‰ It is a requirement since I can reuse the containers to hold my quilt patches.

Windmill Project

Windmill Patches from Julie
Windmill Patches from Julie

Julie posted about her Windmills/our joint Windmill project and it occurred to me that I hadn’t post anything about this potential quilt.

I am still very much in the Hunting and Gathering stage at this point and I don’t know how large it will be, what the background color will be or anything about it yet. It is not yet up on my radar, which it why it never occurred to me to post about it.

Julie and I went to lunch last week and she gave a bunch of windmills she had cut for me. The photo shows some of them. Lots of lovely and luscious batiks!

We are cutting windmills for each other and we are using a Come Quilt With Me rotary cutting template/ruler. It is a piece of Lucite thick enough to use with a rotary cutter. It was very slick, so I put True Grips on the bottom to keep it still while I cut. True Grips are expensive, so I use the background as well as the dots. I think they work better than the sheet of plastic that can be adhered to rulers.Β  True Grips are easier to put on as well.

I cut Windmills whenever I am cutting into a new piece of fabric or pull out a piece of fabric from the fabric closet, so there is quite a variety. Lots of dots, pinks and turquoises. πŸ˜‰

For the moment, I am just going to continue cutting. I have other projects on my plate that are higher up on the list.