Sewing Machine Suitcase

Sewing machine cart
Sewing machine cart

I was very fortunate to receive a nice gift card. I have wanted a suitcase in which to put my machine. SIL #2 and I share a wagon, but it is often overflowing so I didn’t think a suitcase would go amiss. I saw one that Amy has and really liked it.  It is called the 360 Crafter’s Bag**. She and I have been looking for one for me at Tuesday Morning, but never found one. This gift card was my way forward. I bought the aqua. 

Sewing machine cart - main compartment
Sewing machine cart- main compartment

I tried it out today and my small on-the-go machine/ Janome DC-5100 fits nicely. I measured everything before I bought it, but when it arrived, I didn’t think the machine would fit. It does exactly, as you can see.

There are several pockets on the inside. I haven’t figured out what to do with them. You may also be able to see some of the clear plastic pockets housed on the inside of the main compartment. I don’t know if the stuff in those pockets will get smashed when the main compartment is closed and I am on the go.

Sewing machine cart - front pocket
Sewing machine cart – front pocket

The suitcase also has a separate front pocket area with more pockets. This area is on the front of the main compartment. If you look carefully, you can see a separate zipper on the sides of this shown compartment.

Again, there are more pockets and pouches and I still don’t know what to put inside. I am thinking of putting the items from my Quiltmaking Go Bag in the various pockets so I just have one thing to take to class or Sew Day and to store. I am reluctant to make such a big change, especially since I don’t always bring my sewing machine to Sew Day. My Go Bag is getting pretty ratty, though, so it might be time to make a bold move.

Sewing machine cart - sides
Sewing machine cart – sides

The sides have even more pockets. I kind of wish there were some taller pockets like for scissors, but I can see the benefits of only having short pockets – items don’t get lost in the depths.

Another bonus is that the Quiltessa bag’s suitcase slip handle (not sure what to call it) is a snug, but good fit on this suitcase.

The one thing I don’t like about it is the handle on top. It is attached to a pocket that can be unzipped. I am afraid it doesn’t have  enough support and will rip away. I plan to hold it as much as possible by the retractable handle.








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