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At Craft Night the other night, I decided to do some paper folding.I wanted to sew, but work is hard and I didn’t feel like jumping up and down. Also, it is hard to hear other people when I am on the other side of the room from the computer. Paper folding was a good solution.

I decided after attending the Fair the other day that I wanted to enter some rings or wreaths into the paper category. I have three rings already and I’d like to follow what someone else did and make a chain of them. I was thinking my theme could be seasons, but I may need to make more than just one more since I think I already glued the first 3 together, so I would have no way to link them.

I can make one ring in a little over an hour. I have a pack of 50 sheets of paper I bought in Japantown a long time ago, but I don’t have enough left to 1) make rings of all one color and 2) make 3-4 more rings. Maybe I’ll buy a 500 pack** and make a set of rainbow rings.

Thanksgiving Mette Ring - June 2024
Thanksgiving Mette Ring – June 2024

I looked up my tutorial for Mette Rings and started another ring.

It looks strange at the top, because I haven’t connected it to the rest of the pieces. I am kind of waiting to see if I want to link it with the others.

I also have to think of an overall design.






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