FOTY 2018 Starts

I finally had enough cut pieces to write a post on the Fabric of the Year 2018 piece. This year I chose a 2.5″ square so I could have a realistic chance of doing the Ellsworth Kelly style layout. The size of the pieces from Fabric of the Year 2017 makes this layout realistically impossible. … Continue reading “FOTY 2018 Starts”

FOTY 2017 Starts

I know it is confusing to have two of these going at once. I had to clear off my ironing board in order to put a new cover on it. Mine had a big hole, which wasn’t really bothering me. However, my ironing board is a unique brand and I came across a cover in … Continue reading “FOTY 2017 Starts”

Food Quilt #3 Starts & Progresses

Last Monday was the day to start the latest Food Quilt. The YM wasn’t home and DH was doing his NSGW stuff, so I was pretty much left to entertain myself. πŸ˜‰ It might be the last Food Quilt, but we will see. After making the binding for FOTY 2015, I started sewing the 9 … Continue reading “Food Quilt #3 Starts & Progresses”

FOTY 2016 Starts

I am going to make you crazy for a little while until I finish piecing FOTY 2015, because I have started cutting for FOTY 2016. A few weeks ago, I started a new donation quilt with Gerre. We cut some neutrals and I had to decide ASAP what the shape and size for 2016 would … Continue reading “FOTY 2016 Starts”

Fabric of the Year 2015 Starts

I posted a beginning layout photo to Instagram and one reader (is that the right word for Instagrammers who follow your feed?) asked if I knew it was 2016. I politely explained that I was working with the patches from last year and hadn’t quite started 2016’s version yet. Unlike you, dear reader, s/he does … Continue reading “Fabric of the Year 2015 Starts”

#TBT: Early Tarts

I don’t often have something to show for Throwback Thursday. I received a box back from ScanCafe and I found an early photo of the Tarts Come to Tea. It is amazing to see how it has progressed and to realized that the quilt is still in process. Sigh. I started this quilt pretty soon … Continue reading “#TBT: Early Tarts”

Serendipity Lady Starts

I didn’t think I would actually start with fabric, but last week was a challenging week and I did! I had about an hour before life started in again, so I stood at my cutting table, cut fabric and glued it to my pattern. Having a limited amount of time was good, because I didn’t … Continue reading “Serendipity Lady Starts”

Spending Quality Time with Tarts

I got a bug in my ear a week or so ago to quilt the Tarts. They weren’t hanging in the closet quilting themselves and the label does say 2010. I hauled them out, set up the table and quilted away. I did mostly straight line quilting the background of the 3 cups blocks. I … Continue reading “Spending Quality Time with Tarts”

Wordless Week Starts

I am a word person. I like to find words that fit the situation and use them. I try not to use ‘thing’ when a more descriptive word will do. I try not to use ‘goes’ when ‘says’ or ‘exclaimed’ or ‘shouted’ excites the reader more. I love to read books with excellent descriptions. Nevil … Continue reading “Wordless Week Starts”

Tarts Embellishing

Last week (or so), I posted about some embellishing that I wanted to do. La, one of my FB readers and a friend, said that she needed to see the whole piece not just the details. Here is my initial attempts at embellishing. Check out the previous post if you want to see details. After … Continue reading “Tarts Embellishing”

Tarts Again

Yes, I am obsessing. This is the last time I will force you to read my obsessive, compulsive rantings on, what I am now calling, The Big Drip. The reason? The Big Drip is done. It is glued and appliqued down for eternity. Or at least until the glue from the fusible rots away and … Continue reading “Tarts Again”

Tarts Cream Drips

This is the piece of pie and whipped cream, which you have seen four dozen times. I am forced to continue to show it to you until you scream for mercy. Only because you asked for it. πŸ˜‰ Okay! Okay! I am not so mean. This is actually a slightly larger drip than before. I … Continue reading “Tarts Cream Drips”