Continuous Tarts Quilting

Tarts: Bottom Center (Latte glass and silverware)
Tarts: Bottom Center (Latte glass and silverware)

As you can see from other posts I am not continuously quilting on the Tarts, but it is a project I try to work on every day.

I was pretty excited about how the frame went after my first post, so I worked quite a bit on it. The bloom, however, is off the rose, as mentioned in my last post. Still, I am soldiering on.

Tarts: Latte glass quilting
Tarts: Latte glass quilting

My latest efforts are some smallish blocks on the center bottom, a latte glass and some silverware. I thought I could do some straight-line curves around the latte glass. I wasn’t happy with it and I ripped it out and went back to straight-line quilting the background.

I like dense quilting and I like my quilts flat so straight lines are working best for me.

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2 thoughts on “Continuous Tarts Quilting”

  1. I think that working on this quilting in little bits nearly every day will go by pretty quickly. You can take a break every time you have to change the thread color or something like that. It’s looking really great and I hope you can keep at it.

    1. I am really determined to get this off my To Do list. I am making good progress doing a little at a time. Now that the Orange You Glad bullseye is ready to sew together, I am struggling with having two projects wanting my time and attention. ARGH! If only I had the space to set up two machines and could switch off.

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