FOTY 2017 Starts

First Batch of FOTY 2017 Rectangles
First Batch of FOTY 2017 Rectangles

I know it is confusing to have two of these going at once.

I had to clear off my ironing board in order to put a new cover on it. Mine had a big hole, which wasn’t really bothering me. However, my ironing board is a unique brand and I came across a cover in a store and snapped it up. In order to actually use the new ironing board, I had to move the pressed fabric waiting to be cut. The above picture shows some of it, but also fabric from a recent wash load.

The shape for 2017 is a 3 inch x 6 inch rectangle. I chose that because I want to play with a subway tile look. I think I have decided not to cut smaller pieces for used/in my closet fabric. So far I have only cut new fabrics, so I still have some time to decide. I think I will just make all of the patches the same size. I am also thinking I will stagger the rows like when a bathroom is tiled. This means I need something for the ends. At the moment I am thinking white Ta Dots on Grey. Stay tuned.

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8 thoughts on “FOTY 2017 Starts”

  1. Yay for subway tiles! Are you going to put “grout” between them? I’m staying with someone’s dog for the week and just looked at the backsplash in the kitchen as I’m eating. White subway tiles ? Can’t wait to see what your quilt top will look like!

    1. Hhmm. Interesting I idea. I am not planning to put grout between, because I would want it to be tiny and that would be too much work, but you never know. Perhaps Perl cotton ‘grout’?

  2. I love the subway tile look, that’s what I’m doing for the tile backsplash in our kitchen. It’s going to make an awesome quilt, and 3×6″ will really show off larger fabric motifs.

    1. They will be quite large, which means a large piece unless I only use new fabrics and don’t buy much. We’ll see.

      I am also paying attention to the motifs and fussy cutting.

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