Scrap Dash Update

Scrap Dash Saturday Morning
Scrap Dash Saturday Morning

I worked quite a bit on Scrap Dash over the weekend, using the project as leaders and enders while working on my Latifah class project. It didn’t look super before class, though i was making progress. By the end of class on Saturday I had made progress with which I was happy (photo, left). The pattern was really starting to emerge and I was getting excited about putting blocks together. I was able to do bits and bobs in between the Put a Ring On It rings. Every little bit helps.

Scrap Dash, Sunday afternoon
Scrap Dash, Sunday afternoon

I continued working on Sunday, a little more on Scrap Dash than on the rings. I feel like I made really excellent progress. While I don’t have all of the pieces for Scrap Dash on the design wall, I do have a significant number.

I have also started to put some of the blocks together.

Sadly, I found out I don’t have enough of the 1.5 x 2.5″ rectangles for the border. I need to think about whether to cut a million more, leave off the border or do something else.  I haven’t yet used the rectangles in blacks, whites and greys for the center of the quilt. I might try and see if they look good as a border. I don’t think I have enough for a whole border, but it would be a start.

I can’t even think about fitting a border on the design wall, so I’ll have to see once some of the blocks are together and the seam allowances have shrunk up.

Scrap Dash Churn Dash
Scrap Dash Churn Dash

Speaking of which, I have sewn a block or two just to see what they look like and to shrink up the seam allowances so I can fit more on the wall.

You can see the background, which I think really makes the quilt look bright.

More Scrap Dash

Yes, I think I am calling this quilt Scrap Dash instead of 30 Something.

Scrap Dash (30 Something)- April 7, 2021
Scrap Dash (30 Something)- April 7, 2021

I spent some time on Wednesday standing in front of the design wall and rearranging various units. The more I do this the better it looks.

I can also tell what I need to work on next. In this case, I need more half square triangles. I prepared a bunch for sewing at Craft Night, but haven’t actually sewed them yet. The process in this quilt was: 1. cut squares; 2. draw lines; 3. sew; 4. cut apart; 5. square up. I don’t really mind this process, but I wish they had chosen a better system like using the Simple Folded Corners Ruler. I wasn’t able to find a tutorial using the size pieces I had already cut, so I just went with the drawing method.

30 Something on the Design Wall

One of the reasons I wanted to finish the HST Donation Top/Back was to free up space on my large design wall.

30 Something/Scrap Dash- early April 2021
30 Something/Scrap Dash- early April 2021

I have a lot of pieces and part ready to sew together for the 30 Something top and I was having trouble envisioning how the whole thing was going to go together. I needed to get it on the design wall.

I have to say that I was kind of regretting cutting all the pieces for this quilt. Once I saw it start coming together, I got really excited. I think my fabrics look a lot better than the 1930s vintage and repro fabrics in which the original was made.

My background is an Art Gallery black on white called Raise the Volume from the Capsule Collection. I love the look of a background  the doesn’t change amidst all the vibrant scraps.

I have been thinking about the title of the quilt. 30 Something just doesn’t cut it and I don’t like it anyway, but the quilt was not speaking to me in terms of a name. As I put the parts on the design wall, I realized that some of the blocks were Churn Dash blocks and I thought of the name Scrap Dash. I’ll have to see if it sticks.

Anyway, I am having fun with this top now.

30 Something More Progress

30 Something 4 Patches
30 Something 4 Patches

I have been using my 30 Something project as leaders and enders while I work on my quilt class presentations and the UCAB tutorials. It is slow going, but I can see light at the end of the 4 patch tunnel.

There are 4 Patches at the center of some blocks. I decided to use some black and white in those 4 patches, so the quilt had a tiny bit of structure. We’ll see how it looks.

Also, it the photo, you can see that I started making random 4 Patches. Those may end up somewhere in the quilt or as a basis for a super tiny Spiky 16 Patch. We’ll have to see.

More 16 Patches

I finished all of the 16 patches I need for the 30 Something* quilt.

16 Patches n.1
16 Patches n.1


16 Patches n.2
16 Patches n.2

This isn’t all 42 of the 16 Patches – just a sample, but I am pleased with the way they came out. The next step is to make a bunch (30??) Churn Dash blocks. I am working my way through the various units that make up that block.

I have tons of the various patches leftover. I cut way too many, but will be using them for something, possibly donation blocks.

I haven’t decided if I am working on this as my main project or if it is still a leaders and enders project.




*I’d really like to link to this quilt so you could make it as well, but it doesn’t show up on the AllPeopleQuilt site. 🙁

30 Something 16 Patches

Years ago, I saw a pattern in a magazine called 30 Something. It is called 30 Something, stupidly IMO, because the maker used 30s prints. I saw beyond the 30s fabrics and began cutting out various pieces I would need for the blocks.

30 Something 16 Patches
30 Something 16 Patches

Recently, I began sewing some of the pieces together as leaders and enders.This means I get quite a bit done, but not on donation quilts.

The first step is to make 16 Patches out of the 1.5 inch (yes, THAT small) squares I had been cutting. I need 42 of these and have 24 so far.

I am happy with the progress I have made. As you can see, there are no 30s prints in my 16 patches. I need to think of another name for this quilt, but nothing comes to mind so far.

HSTs on the Design Wall

Pop Parade HSTs Donation Top
Pop Parade HSTs Donation Top

As soon as I move the X Quilt off the design wall, I moved all the HSTs leftover from the X Quilt on to my large design wall. I wanted to play around with layout a little bit.

I had to squeeze it on to my small design wall to show it to you before. I wanted to see how it would look with a little space between the columns, which is what you see above. I am not sure I like it. I kind of like the way the pieces look right next to each other.

It is also a little bit of an odd shape in this configuration. I need to think about whether it matters or not.

HSTs Again

X Quilt HSTs - all
X Quilt HSTs – all

I have been looking at these HSTs as I sew other projects.

I think this piece looks a lot better in these fabrics than the X Quilt. Don’t get me wrong, I like the X quilt. I just think it would have looked better if I used larger prints.

I think I will probably sew it in this configuration. Perhaps I am just used to it, but I do like how the eye moves around the piece.

Many More HSTs

Final group of X Quilt HSTs
Final group of X Quilt HSTs

I finished pressing the rest of the HSTs generated from the X quilt. I have plenty to make a good sized donation quilt. I haven’t done any sewing as I still haven’t finalized the design.

Still no final design, but this is looking pretty good in terms of placement of each HST. I still want to break up the chaos a bit with some background fabric.

Despite not using leaders and enders to make donation blocks, I still seem to be generating some donation quilts, which makes me happy.

More HSTs

Additional Pop Parade HSTs
Additional Pop Parade HSTs

I am working on the X quilt and the HSTs at the same time. My iron is acting up so some of my lack of progress has been because of not having a working iron. I have a makeshift solution in place and am making progress again.

I have pressed all of the large HSTS and have a few more small HSTs to press. Since there are only 3 large X blocks, that limits the number of large HSTs with which I have to work. As I said before, I am thinking about adding sashing. Some of my final decision requires looking at all of the HSTs in one place. I have to see them all together and decide if I have enough for a donation quilt or if I need it to be bigger. This current layout is about 49wx35h. Kind of a weird shape, but we will see.

Pop Parade HSTs - mixing it up
Pop Parade HSTs – mixing it up

I am also not sure if I want to mix up the large and small HSTs in the same column.

I laid some out together just to see what I thought. Again, I have to see what I think. Also, the layout depends on the sizes I have to work with and I haven’t delved into that problem yet. They all look like they will fit now, but the current layout doesn’t take seam allowance into consideration.

X HSTs Again

More Pop Parade HSTs
More Pop Parade HSTs

I didn’t get a lot of sewing done last week as I was preparing new material for my class. I have always had a great deal of respect for teachers, but I have even more now. Preparing new material for my students takes a lot of time.

The stack of these HSTs, which are being created from cutting the lozenge blocks using the Simple Folded Corner ruler** continues to grow. I didn’t think I would be able to make any kind of good sized quilt, but I think I will be able to make at least a baby quilt. I don’t plan to lay it out like you see above. Depending on how many HSTs there are, I may add sashing between the columns.

I still have a lot of HSTs to iron, so this design will grow based on the number of pieces.

This is definitely not the final design.




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X Quilt Leftovers

As you probably guessed from the Folded Corners Ruler tutorial, I am generating a lot of triangles. As the triangles are cut off the squares, they are ready to sew into Half Square Triangles.

Pop Parade HSTs
Pop Parade HSTs

So, I sewed them into HSTs. I couldn’t think of a design, so I put some of them up on the design wall so I could look at them. Now I have an idea of what I might do with them. I don’t think they will fit together as is, so I have to add some sashing or something. 

The picture shows only a small fraction of what I have sewn so far. Depending on how large the final piece is, I may donate it to the guild. However, I might make it a Niece-phews quilt.

Scraps, Scraps & More Scraps

I tend to toss scraps to one side of my cutting table to cut up later. My cutting table is only about 18×24, so this practice cuts into my cutting space. In the last couple of months the pile has become huge. About 2 weeks ago, the pile toppled off the cutting table and I realized I had to do something.

I toss all the scraps into a brown paper grocery bag and decided to cut them all up into 2.5inch squares with my Accuquilt. Whatever didn’t fit into that size would become Pet Bed filling.

January 2.5" squares
January 2.5″ squares

I spent a couple of Craft Nights plus one Friday while I was making phone calls cutting up scraps with my Accuquilt. Now I have A LOT of 2.5 inch squares!

In the photo, you can see that I am sorting. I have a couple of bins of stashed 2.5 inch squares. They are handy for a lot of different projects. It was from this bin that I made Scrapitude.I have also used patches from this bin for Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilts like En Provence.

Some of these need to go into the FOTY 2020 bin, but most will be used for donation blocks. I might give some to the BAM Community Giving Team for their kits.

My pet bed is full, so I need to get that to the Pet Bed team.


Blue Improv Donation Top Returns

Blue Improv Donation Top - early October 2020
Blue Improv Donation Top – early October 2020

After several weeks of not working on this project, I got back to it during the guild’s Community Quilt Sew Day on Saturday. The top is now 22.75 x 24.5.

I have some large chunks that I worked on which are not yet attached. Working on two donation tops at once is difficult. I don’t feel like I am making progress on either. I need to finish one up so I can focus on the other.

Blue Improv Journal Cover

Blue Improv Journal Cover - front
Blue Improv Journal Cover – front

My blue scrap drawer is finally showing some signs of having some space available. I have been piecing blue scraps together, as I mentioned the other day, in between working on the Red Scribbles quilt. I finally had enough to make a journal cover, so I decided to stop and make a journal cover. I need a quick finish fix and there are more blue scraps for a Color Improv donation quilt.

Blue Improv Journal Cover - inside front cover
Blue Improv Journal Cover – inside front cover

As also mentioned, I hadn’t thought of this as a journal cover, so the piecing is pretty random. I didn’t center any motifs for the front. This is for an older journal just to protect the pages, so it looks ok for that purpose.

As I did this piecing, I wanted to save any strips I found for more of the Color Strip donation blocks (quilts). I don’t know if I will find enough to make another quilt. If not, I can make a few blocks for the rainbow strip donation quilt I am planning.

Blue Improv Journal Cover - back
Blue Improv Journal Cover – back

Though I am making space in the drawer there are still a lot of scraps. The scraps still fill the drawer, but are not crammed in. There is hope, in other words, that I will have enough strips for something else-blocks or a quilt.

I am trying to use scraps that are smaller than 4.5 inch strips, because of the possibility mentioned above. This means that there are a lot of small scraps becoming larger slabs until they end up as a journal cover. It feels good to see the blue drawer emptying out.

I forget how much I like some of the fabrics I have used until I see a scrap. I know I always say that there is always more fabric. I do get attached to fabrics I like and want to email the fabric companies too reprint them when I find a scrap and know it is out of print.

Blue Improv Journal Cover -top
Blue Improv Journal Cover -top

I had a problem (or my own making) with this journal cover. It is slightly too large. By the time I noticed, I wasn’t about to rip everything out into order to trim it.

I thought the slab was the correct size, but I think I forgot to think about seam allowance for the last bit of piecing. Oh well. Things happen.