Finished: Scarf

Last year, during or after the Sisters trip, I started knitting a scarf. I had my usual ups and downs with the knitting, ripping out quite a bit, not knitting on it, etc.

Finished Sea Scarf
Finished Sea Scarf

Lately, when DH is out at a meeting on a Wednesday evening, I go to a knitting circle at a local shop in order to see people and have some human contact. I have been 3-4 times. I just sit there, knit and listen. This activity has helped to get this scarf finished. I still have to weave in the ends, but I am calling it done. This project is for me and I will wear it as a summer scarf, for those foggy days in August.

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6 thoughts on “Finished: Scarf”

    1. I consider knitting secondary or even tertiary to quiltmaking. I have a few opportunities (Craft Night, Knitting Night) to work on my knitting and take them. I try to stick to one project at a time and not to stash yarn, though there are some delectable yarns and I could easily fall down that rabbit hole.

  1. That will be extra lovely in the fog.
    Scarfs make for extra satisfying yarn work, fast and fun. I’m lucky my DD has moved to snow country so I finally have excuses for chunky yarns:)
    What will you make next at knit club?

    1. I am going to start a sweater, mostly because I have the yarn and I don’t want to stash yarn. I have some homework to do, though, and I haven’t done it yet.

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