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  1. I’ve missed who SLB is, but I love the use of color in this quilt – and in the other blocks and quilt sections I can see as I scroll down your blog. They make me smile.

  2. oooh, jaye! beautiful beautiful! so will these be signature/blessing/picture blocks? love them.

    did i show you any pix of the baby blessing quilts i’ve done? nothing pieced, just one big piece of muslin w/pictures, blessings, hopes, wishes, and dreams. then i quilted them.

    and slb will love this quilt!

  3. Thank you so much, kristen. I appreciate your faithful readership! This will be a quilt where guests will write or draw on the light colored portion of the block.

    I don’t think that I have seen the quilts that you have made, but I do have two or three pictures of quilts that you and your mom made. One of your quilts has a lot of lavendar in it. When are you starting a blog? Or are there pix on your web page?

  4. Laume, Thanks so much for reading! I am glad you like the colors. The weather is so horrible that bright colors are a necessity.

    I only use initials in my blog unless I have permission to use names — or someone uses their name in the profile. SLB is a friend of mine – a non-Mav.

  5. *Laume, Thanks so much for reading! I am glad you like the colors. The weather is so horrible that bright colors are a necessity.*

    Oh, I know! I’m so sick of these storms, one after another. My son in Redding is really getting soaked. And since he goes out on a lot of construction sites, he really gets wet. Over here on the other side of the “hill”, we’re getting it as a mixture of rain and snow. Ugh. I want dafodils and warm breezes. I am soooo ready to open up my windows.

  6. i will send you some pictures of the blessing quilts. the one with some lavendar was probably the first blessing quilt i made – for my nephew (gray backing w/some lavender flowers and some hmmm – perhaps ultrasuede purple binding….or hmmm, i have that backwards – the purple was the backing, the gray/bluish w/flowers was binding).

    ahhhh – where is kristen’s blog. you’re the 3rd person to ask that this past week or so. i don’t have one. i have our website w/pictures, but they’re more along the lines of family pictures rather than quilty pictures.

  7. Thanks for the photos; I love the quilts. What a great idea! No piecing in advance. I have seen tablecloths where when you eat at the house, they give you a pen and you write something on it. At one friend’s house, she would, then, embroider over the ‘entry.’ These types of things will be true heirlooms. I may post one on the blog!

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