Make Visual Decisions Visually: Thoughts on Dots

My main goal this evening was to find the right binding for Thoughts on Dots. I have entered it into the county fair, which means I have to do the finishing work (binding and sleeve) fairly sharpish – 21 days from today is the last day to hand in the exhibits.

I thought I would use this Jane Sassaman fabric, but when I put it on the quilt (albeit messily here),I found that it isnt’ the right fabric. I like the stripes, but the colors aren’t right. GREAT! (<- note sarcasm) What a pain! Now what? I have blue on the mind, so my next choice after pawing through a boatload of fabric is a dot. I applied this fabric much more neatly, so I hope it doesn’t give it an unfair advantage. I think it is better, though. If I use this, I will not have much left, which makes me sad, because it is a really good dot fabric. Perhaps fuschia or red? Opinions are welcome.

Here is another bad picture of Thoughts on Dots quilted and trimmed. I am totally in love with this quilt. While it was gone, I forgot how much I like it.
Detail photo of the quilting. It is an allover pattern that reminds me of clouds. I think the quilting looks cheerful and doesn’t take away from the fabric placement.

Pineapple blocks 18 and 19 completed. You can see some of the new Kaffe Fassett dots in the corners.

Pineapple block #20 is on the top. Still not complete, but getting there.

The bottom two blocks are the first border blocks. They are 2 of the 4 corner blocks. I realized, in making these, that I have to use bold fabric for the lines of color since the ratio of color to white is so low. In person, they look quite cheerful.

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6 thoughts on “Make Visual Decisions Visually: Thoughts on Dots”

  1. do you have any black/white stripe or zigzag (kinda wonky)? If not I like the blue dots and everything is looking very good!

  2. You may want to consider several things on the binding. It would look dramatic framed in a solid red or red on red. You might want to consider a ruffle binding. I don’t like the strips. They are either just too busy or perhaps it is just the color. I do like the blue polka dots.
    Picking up any color you prefer on your quilt top and using that as a solid binding would be cool…like the red mentioned above. Even solid yellow would make your yellow squares pop.
    One last consideration is the use for this quilt. If it is for a child or will touch the floor a lot, you may want to use a darker rather than lighter binding to hide the dirt…kinda sorta! πŸ™‚

  3. hi ya cutie! I was evidently channeling you while at the grocery store today… I left a pic on my blog for you, and I think it says it all… Goooo Dots! Cami, who really likes the spotted binding, and would even piece various lenghts of assorted spots together to complete the binding, ‘cuz they’re *that* good.

  4. I love the color and energy — and like the idea of a vivid yellow or bright red to use as a border. Although the blue polka dots are nice…. Hope you get a ribbon for this quilt! πŸ™‚ Sage

  5. Thank you so much for your comments and your help.

    Deirdre: The black and white framed the piece nicely, but kind of broke up the cheerfulness I was going for in this quilt.

    Sage and Sherry: I think that the red or the yellow are the ones that work best for me.

    Cami: thanks for the photo. Cool!

    I liked the blues. Gives a different look, a more comforting look.

  6. Oh, if I’d scrolled down another post, i’d see you had the same thought on stripes. You say it wasn’t working but, y’know, I like it. Maybe you just need another stripe, with less pastel in it? Or without any black in it.

    The other thing I thought, looking at the full top photo – and I know you didn’t ask for suggestions but – I’m visualizing some random appliqued DOTS on top of the grid. Maybe just scattered in one corner, trailing off or something. I love how bright and cheerful it is. I can’t think of dots now without thinking of your projects!

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