Fun pincushion

I have been thinking that I would like a small project that I could churn out quickly and would have some use. The gift bags, you ask?? I know, I know. I should get to those. The fabrics in this one are bit boring for me, but can you imagine it in DOTS?!? What else? I am glad she posted the link to the directions. Easier to make….

May Britt from Norway has a tutorial of an awesome pincushion on her weblog! I love it so much that I had to give it a try 🙂 With this result !


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Author: Jaye

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One thought on “Fun pincushion”

  1. Ok, so I didn’t get that the words “I love it so much that I had to give it a try 🙂 With this result!” was NOT YOU typing, but someone named Lucy.
    I recall thinking that you took such professional photos too! And that the pin cushion with the scissors and such were laid out so creatively! lol
    So YOU copy ME….make a pin cushion too! lololol

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