Mind Sorbet

The Chocolate Box quilt, which I talked about in the post about the retreat is what is discussed in Judy Martin‘s February 2008 newsletter. Kristin, one of her readers writes:

“I agree that there is nothing wrong with fast quilts. In fact, in the past after completing a challenging project, I would often use a fast and easy quilt as a “mind sorbet” to cleanse the mind before beginning the next project. They are nice for showcasing big or odd prints, or for picnic quilts or for kid quilts for gifts. I do think though, if we are not challenging ourselves and not enjoying the process, we are missing something.”

The Chocolate Box is mind sorbet. I felt thick and full after working for so long on the Pineapple. I needed something to cleanse the palette and the Chocolate Box did it.That is such a great description and I hope I will be able to add it to my lexicon.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

4 thoughts on “Mind Sorbet”

  1. Hey, the publish button is back. Weird. I’m able to comment and wow, do you have some fun stuff going. I have some of the “Flea Market Fancy” in my personal stash and have been fondling it lately. Perhaps a strippy chocolate box kind of quilt would be just the thing…just as soon as I mail off the ‘turning twenty’ in “Chocolate Lollipops” to the quilter up in Wisconsin. I had so much more time to sew before opening the shop (I really didn’t believe the people who said my crafty-time would dry up.) Love the linky post to all the pretty projects. Oops, time to get chores done before knit night. I’m putting the buttons on the baby sweater (shop sample). Acorn buttons! Fab! Cami

  2. Hope you are doing well. I am glad the publish button is back, because I love hearing from you. I introduced a friend to your blog over the weekend, so you have another junkie. 😉 We agreed that your fabric choices are our kind of fabric choices.

    Please post some more photos the shop. I love the way your shop looks and can’t wait to see how it looks now that it is getting filled in.

  3. mind sorbet – perfect description. That’s a good analogy for what I was trying to explain about books the other night too. I had read some heavy duty books and jumped into one equally challenging and last night I finally decided I just wasn’t getting anything out of it. It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying it but it just felt like I was slogging through. I finally set it aside after about a week of working too hard and started a VERY light fantasy novel. I think that’s what I needed, a “mind sorbet” book.

  4. Laume: Yes, exactly. Sometimes your mind can’t take anymore and you just need some Danielle Steel. I didn’t think of the concept, however.

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