Creative Prompt #22: Time

Once upon a time.

Time flies.

May you live in interesting times.

Good times.

A stitch in time.

The passage of time.

Dangerous times.

Traveling through space and time.

Having the time of your life.

Times Square.

The time has come.

Time lapse.

Times tables.

Making the big time.

Time capsule.

Frozen in time.

A moment in time.

Tea time. 😉

New York Times.

A stitch in time saves nine.

Time trials.

Time sink.

Lost in time.

Summertime Lime.

The time is now.

Now is the time for all good….

Hang time.

Sign of the times.

Time to lose.

Time Magazine.

Past time.

It’s just a question of time.

Time after time.

Wasting time.

Time to flee.

Time machine.

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